Athlete of the Week

Give it up for Kylie Sutton as our newest Athlete of the Week!

Kylie is one of the hardest workers every time she works out (and one of the fastest at burpees). Not only that but she comes early, stays late, and is always ready to encourage and motivate her fellow CrossFitter’s.

Thank you Kylie for everything you do we appreciate all your encouragement, commitment and hard work!

Today’s WOD:

10 Responses to “Athlete of the Week”

  1. GREAT JOB!!! after the last 2 weeks you’ve had kylie you totally deserve this!!! it’s like you’ve come out of no-where and have this awesome force!! keep it up girlie!!

  2. Congrats Kylie, keep smashing them WOD’s…

  3. That’s my girl!! Congrats Kylie!! Keep it up!

  4. Great Job honey, we are really proud of you. Love Mom & Dad

  5. Congratulations Kylie. I pretty much check the blog out daily and one thing I am amazed with todays post is the whiteboard. Look at all the names. It looks like the new space can’t come soon enough. Ciao

  6. WHOO HOO!!!!!! You rock Kylie! You are always a treat to work out with and you make me work way harder than I normally do, just trying to keep up!! Well deserved and keep up the great attitude and fantastic work!

  7. Great Job Kylie!! You really push me in the workouts and this is well deserved!

  8. Congrats!!! You deserve it and have a great attitude!! I love working out with you, you make me push myself!

  9. Awesome job, Kylie! Keep up the good work!

  10. DUDE! I had no idea!!!!! WAY TO GO! Kylie, seriously, you are a true inspiration to me and everyone else that works out with you. With everything going on in your life–work, school, homework–you still find time to workout and kill the WOD’s….not to mention helping those around you succeed. I mean, really, who would’t work harder when there’s a hot momma like you talkin’ dirty at me from across the room….Just remember the goal….look good naked! Got love ya, woman!

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