It’s a Birthday WOD…and remember Big Girls don’t cry

Happy 28th Birthday Annie!

You have, are and will be a major positive influence on so many lives. Your personality, caring for others and work ethic is a role model for our CrossFit community to follow.

Our CrossFit Sioux Falls community owes you a debt of gratitude because hey…if it wasn’t for you we would have never moved to Sioux Falls:-)

“Annie’s BDay WOD”
15 Rounds:
15 Pullups *if you drop off the bar…5 burpees
15 GHD situps/30 Regular Situps
15 Squats

6 Responses to “It’s a Birthday WOD…and remember Big Girls don’t cry”

  1. Thanks for the great workout today eventhough I sucked it up. Happy Birthday!! And thanks for making the move to Sioux Falls!!

  2. SO thankful for Annie and the fact that she brought CF to SF . . . but maybe not for bringing Chris . . . just kidding!!! Have a great day, Annie!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!! i hear that i may be crying after the 5:30 WOD. but it will be so worth it!! so glad to have you here in SF!! Hope it’s been a GREAT birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope the Birthday workout was good for you!!!!!


  6. Hope you had a great Birthday!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and your positive attitude. You are my role model. Sorry for missing your b day workout.

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