Day After Holiday Cheer

Feeling blah after too much holiday cheer.

Prescription = Do this WOD:-)

4 Responses to “Day After Holiday Cheer”

  1. ok so i would break my neck just getting into the hand stand un assisted. Here was my WOD – but I was able to get to the gym.
    1 mile run warm up
    20 burpees, push ups, sit ups and squats x3 with quarter mile runs in between each set. The 20 pull ups, dumb bell flies, lat pulls x3 sets with quarter mile runs in between. Not quite up to Chris and Anne standards but kind of the best I could muster without someone screaming in my ear. But to do burpees without someone forcing me is kind of a feat in itself. What did everyone else do??

  2. 8 rnds complete and was 1 stair jump in on rnd 9… holy crap can’t wait to get back. Felt like I ate a bowling ball… I’m glad I knocked out a wod solo, but missing the 530am crew. Save travels home everyone and looking forward to smashing 2010.

  3. Mike Brownfield Says:

    Finished 8 full rounds…burpees were tough today.

    Hoping to get to drive home tomorrow…needing to get back in the box with the 530 crew!

    Many thanks to Jon W. and Allison for snowblowing my driveway…I definitely owe you!!

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