New Classes in Feb…Power 1/2 Hr WOD!

Starting Feburary 2nd we will be introducing our Power 1/2 Hr WOD! Here is the description:

“Short on time? Our Power 1/2 Hr Workout of the Day (WOD) is just for you. This class is designed for “get in and get out training”. Come and experience the same functional, varied, intensity, but done in 30 min.”

This class will run right before the noon class from 11:30 to Noon. Doors will be open at 11:25a. It is updated on our CLASS SCHEDULE. Reserve your spot now!

6 Responses to “New Classes in Feb…Power 1/2 Hr WOD!”


  2. Chris Peterson Says:

    I think this is a great idea! Might have to try it out once in a while!!!

  3. Korena Chester Says:

    I know I’ll have to join this class every so often….thanks mucho for a fantastic addition!

  4. Thank Goodness for Mr. J Sutton, the father of the power half hour. My question is this: do we all have to wear dress socks at this workout?


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