Creating a WOD for CrossFit Sioux Falls

Here is some equipment to get your mind flowing!

Everyday we come into CrossFit thinking “I wonder what we are going to do for a WOD today”??

We all have thoughts in our head of what we hope is not on the board, and what we wish would be up there. I know a lot of you wonder how we come up with these crazy sometime outrageous WODs….and I am sure you say to yourself “I wish I could create my favorite WOD”; well here is your chance!

Today we are going to have you “CrossFitters” create a WOD of your choice! We will save these and use them throughout the weeks ahead. We will title each workout we choose with the CrossFitter that created it.

Here is your chance CrossFitters to make your WOD heard 3…2….1… GO!!!!!!!!!!

Written by:
Annie Mello

11 Responses to “Creating a WOD for CrossFit Sioux Falls”

  1. Death by Kettlebell…

    6rds for time, 35lb kettlebell for women, 72lb kettlebell for men
    10x KB cleans (each arm)
    20x KB swings
    10x KB press (each arm)
    20x KB SumoDeadlift High Pull

  2. AMRAP – 15/20 min
    5 pull-ups
    7 knees to elbows
    9 GHD Sit-ups or weighted sit-ups
    Plank hold for 30 seconds


    AMRAP – 15/20 min
    HS Push Up
    Start @ 1 & go up – 3…2…1… GO!

  3. 3rnds for time:
    100 Squats
    75 Push-ups
    50 Sit-ups
    25 KB Swings

  4. I was thinking of a time when there’s no snow

    800 meter run
    50 KB swings
    400 meter run
    40 situps
    400 meter run
    30 “real” push-ups
    400 meter run
    20 pullups
    800 meter run

    This may actually be a workout somewhere? I don’t know but it sounded kind of “fun” when I thought of it.

    Mark B

  5. A good friend of mine is a member at CF Omaha and they did this earlier this week…he met PUKIE afterwards!

    The name of the WOD is simply ——- “CARDIO”
    Ladder minutes for 20 minutes:
    Minute #-# of Reps
    1 – 10 burpees
    2 – 20 burpees
    3 – 5 burpees
    4 – 11 burpees
    5 – 2 burpees
    6 – 18 burpees
    7 – 6 burpees
    8 – 15 burpees
    9 – 4 burpees
    10 – 8 burpees
    11 – 17 burpees
    12 – 3 burpees
    13 – 13 burpees
    14 – 9 burpees
    15 – 12 burpees
    16 – 14 burpees
    17 – 16 burpees
    18 – 7 burpees
    19 – 19 burpees
    20 – 1 burpee

    Once you are done with the Rx’d reps for the minute, you rest until the start of the next minute. If you don’t complete a round in the minute timeframe, you continue to go until you are done. You rest the remainder of that time until the start of the next round and go from there.

    There is no set pattern to the number of reps…at least that’s what I told my non-math major self.

    Mike B

    P.S. I don’t like Burpees…I just think this sounds like a killer WOD.

  6. I was thinking about this during today’s WOD. Here’s my idea:

    * Pullups
    * Box Jumps
    * KB Swings
    * Sit ups
    * Burpees
    * Pushups
    * Wall balls

    3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . =)

  7. What the heck is wrong with all of you Cardio-Sadists? Not a single one is a lifting workout…..and according to many smart people out there pure strength is the element of fitness that is most difficult to develop… I right people?!

    How about this:
    Front Squat

    Then 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time:
    OH Squat (M 95-115, W 65-75)
    Handstand PU (this will involve some scaling–hello rubber bands)

    On the subject of “real” pushups: if the breast-tisies aren’t touching the sanitized surface of CFSF’s flooring, then its not a pushup. Don’t be ashamed to hit those knees if you have to, peeps. ROM is your friend!

    Peace and love,

    • like this one mitch… i would recommend though switching OH squats with deadlifts. we all know the angry gorilla and HS Pushups are fabulous with pullups!

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