Practice what you Preach

Boy do I HATE Wall Balls, but I will still do them

The Biggest Oximorons in Life:
-The Fat Personal Trainer
-The Broke Financial Planner
-The Priest having an Affair

Personally I have always been a big believer in “Practicing what you Preach”. When I go anywhere I always ask whoever is trying to sell me something, “Do you have it? How do you like it?” If they say no or don’t like it I automatically lose interest. Do you?

So I came across this topic on

As regards to fitness; Does the physical appearance of a fitness or nutrition authority affect the worthiness of the message?

“Regina Benjamin, the United States’ 18th Surgeon General, is markedly overweight. She’s a highly trained physician who famously set up a medical clinic for Alabama’s poor hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina, and she’s unquestionably knowledgeable and experienced, but she’s also overweight. Does this negatively impact her role as the public face of health? Does her weight detract from the message?

Or take countless nutrition experts that fit the mold of the dietitian featured in this video? She’s educated, has dozens of books on nutrition and healthy cooking under her belt and, at least on paper, looks like an authority of sorts. But her physique (saying nothing of her healthy eating tips) doesn’t exactly instill confidence in her recommendations (as readers noted in the forum).

On the other hand what about someone like Jillian Michaels? Strong shoulders. Check. Trim waistline and ripped abs. Check and check. She must be doing things right? Right?” – Taken from

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2 Responses to “Practice what you Preach”

  1. We just had this discussion at dinner last night! We ate next to two completely obese physicians. I don’t know their specialty, but even if it’s plastic surgery, I would NEVER be able to take them seriously about ANY of their directives. They clearly are not disciplined in the most important aspect of their lives–their health! Sure, we all fall off the wagon at times, but I think physicians, of all people, should be models of health. Just MHO.

  2. Or those guys that promote men’s health products like rogaine or whatever and then their bald spots are like totally hangin’ out in the wind when they are doing wall balls…..hate that!! hehehehehehe…… 🙂

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