What was your first CrossFit workout like?

Bet you didn't do Overhead Walking Lunges B.C.

Last week we talked about what your old workouts used to be B.C. (Before CrossFit).

Now tell us about the time you lost your CrossFit virginity.

-How did you hear about CrossFit?
-Who invited you?
-What was the WOD?
-How did you feel during and after?
-Get down and dirty with it…not literally:-0

This is going to be fun:-)

16 Responses to “What was your first CrossFit workout like?”

  1. Chris Mello Says:

    My brother showed me crossfit.com back in July of 2007. We immediately went to the GLOBO gym and tried it out. It was a 7 Round: 7 Knees to elbows, 7 Pullups (pre kipping for me), 7 Front Squats. I don’t even remember if I finished, all I remember is my forearms were SCREAMING for mercy by the 3rd Round. And I remember thinking, “Are you kidding me, I have 4 more rounds to go!!!” As you can tell I was hooked from then on.

  2. I’ve known Chris and Annie since early (Jan/Feb) 2009 and heard about CrossFit from both of them and thought it sounded really cool, but I was committed to my highly inadequate gym routine at the time. I told Chris I would bring a bunch of my friends and we were going to come check it out. Then I broke and became ill during the Spring and Summer and knew that I wasn’t ready for CF yet.

    I finally started to feel better and LD (Laura DeHaan) asked me to try it out with her. She told me she was glad I wasn’t feeling 100% so she could try to keep up with me. Little does she know, but I still try to keep up with HER to this day (what a rockstar!). This was sometime in late August, and I couldn’t tell you what the WOD was, but I remember doing knees to elbows, jump ropes, turkish gettups, and I played around with a PVC pipe. Oh yeah… and I didn’t count and did WAY less than everyone else and was completely exhausted, but remarkedly chipper and incredibly sore. LD joined right away, but I wanted to recover some more, so I waited a few weeks (I think it was that long??) before coming back with some more friends in tow.

    I’ll never forget my 2nd first WOD!! 100 Pullups, 100 Pushups, 100 Squats, and 100 Situps. I had to use at least 3 bands on my pullups and I was the last one done (or second to last) and developed “THE BELBOWS” (aka bicepts into elbows… like cankles on your arms). Even though my arms were swollen to the size of tree trunks and I couldn’t really use them for over a week, I loved my workout and officially joined as soon as I was healed back up.

  3. “The Chief”
    Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
    135 pound Power cleans, 3 reps
    6 Push-ups
    9 Squats

    Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

    Anyways I believe i had completed 3 cycles (and my weight on the clean was steadily dropping each round – i think i was probably doing the bar by the time the 3rd cycle rolled around) and was absolutely exhausted. I made the mistake of thinking that CrossFit is a democracy and I promptly relayed to Chris that I was going to sit out the 4 cycle. “Are you ok Jim?” (i.e. do we need to break out the AED?). my response….”oh i’m good….just really, really tired”. Well that didn’t go over very well. If i may paraphrase Chris….he said something to the effect of…”get your ass back on that saddle my friend…you are gonna have to ride this one out”. yikes!!!! I emailed Chris that evening and told him that was one of the worst experiences of my life and where do I sign up! awwwwww….good times!

    • Oh…forgot to mention how i found out about CrossFit. I was at Barnes and Noble just minding my own business and I notice this tall guy phishing around in the maps section wearing a shirt that kind of caught my attention. “Excellence is earned, not given”. Hmmmm…..being kind of an inquistive fella I quickly hopped on their website….dropped Chris an email….set up a time to meet and as they say….”the rest is history…”

  4. What sticks in my mind about my first CF workout?? Well, there was that moment the next day when I had to ask a stranger at a coffee shop to help me take my jacket off. 🙂 I love creating awkward moments for others! Just kidding. Anyway, a couple of days later, when I could finally straighten my arms, I realized I felt stronger, and wanted to go back.

    My darling and TOUGH-but-tiny friend Ashley introduced me to Crossfit SF. Her brother runs a Crossfit in Illinois, and she’d shown me pictures of her mama (at age 50) doing things I could not do. I loved that her whole family was into it. And I admired her for doing EVERY rep with PERFECT form during the workout. (She gives it her all!)

    This marks the middle of my third week at CFSF! I keep thinking: I’m here to make permanent changes. So, thank you, Crossfitters, for being so helpful and welcoming in the process.

    (The workout was just some awful-but-wonderful combination of inverted burpees, box jumps, wall ball, some weight thing…and other stuff I can’t remember!)

  5. “Courtney …Courtney… why didn’t I see you at cf this morning?” ” We missed you this am at cf.” These sentences were what I heard for about 8 months before actually biting the bullet. Jimbo wmould come and give me that much crap about every day I saw him… I found myself somedays trying to avoid the guilt! The thing that’s funny is I would always talk to Jim about fitness, it is my thing .. I love it, I have tried about everything- globo gyms, boot camps, p90x, and yes turbo jam 🙂 and gym would always give me his schpeel on nutrition..and his view etc..but one day he stopped by my cubie and told me about CF and that he thought I would love it. I wanted to try it but literally the money aspect was holding me back- which was an excuse – I see now cause I am not quite sure how I lived with out this place. Finally this fall I gave in to all of jimbo’s guilt and emailed Recco- I met for my baseline and he started asking me all these questions…quite intimidating actually – then he told me our baseline- it took me somewhere around 5 min but I was sick afterward- had to go the BR it was embarrassing! But I signed up immediately .. where do I sign…I got and my car and literally thought Court what the f did you just do to youself…my 1st work out was 12 power cleans 10 push ups 10rds I think- Mandee was my partner..and she killed me!!! I got to use a lighter bar so it was not too bad…the next

    • day i worked out we did a bunch of things but the only two I can remember was 200 squats and a crap ton of the dreaded wall balls. After that one I fell to the ground…and was walking weird for days people at work were questionning me… TODAY I look back and think what the heck was I thinking I should have came long before I did. I am in LOVE with everything the CF offers and it’s a huge highlight in my day and a true blessing! Best results- best investment – best program- greatest ! Thanks Jim for not giving up on me – I am hooked for life! Thanks to Chris and Annie and all of CF sioux falls- you rock!

  6. Sat. Apr. 14, 2009-

    3 rounds:
    21 Box jumps
    18 KB swings
    15 Pushups (I started with clapping as Chris told me to do, but I sure didn’t end up that way)
    12 Pullups…..

    In wrestling, you sometimes reach a point in a workout/practice/match where you get so exhausted physically that your mind basically shuts down and you stop fighting, you “break.” When I finished that first WOD I thought, “This is the only thing I’ve ever done outside of wrestling that’s made me break; THIS is exactly what I’ve been searching for!”

  7. My 1st WOD was 7-7-7-7-7-7-7. I first came to CF with a friend and the whole first day we kept looking at each other and saying “What the hell did we get ourselves into?”. It was crazy…I mean it is physically ok to not be able to sit on the toilet for a week or walk up your stairs? But I kept coming back for more day after day….and now I can safely stand up in a room full of people and say “My name is Kimberly and I am addicted to Crossfit”.
    I LOVE everything about Crossfit…the people…the intensity…the push…the drive…..the trainers…the little doggie….the WOD…..the results……EVERYTHING!!!!!
    When I first met with Chris after seeing the Crossfit commercial during the the Biggest Loser he promised me that Crossfit would make my pants fall off. He was RIGHT!!! I have lost weight and numerous pants size. And I am FAR from done!
    Thank you to Chris for being my Jillian and Bob and making me a believer. Not only in Crossfit….but in myself.

  8. Oh jeez, not sure the exactly sure what it consisted of, but I remember it having dumbell push press, some running, and some box jumps…pretty sure I didn’t finish it. For the next two weeks, I was sore all over, but I got to thinking that this was the kind of thing that I should be doing, since I obviously wasn’t pushing myself hard enough in the gym. A week after the first WOD, Chris gave me a call and I signed up the following week–got hooked and have been going ever since.

  9. The Day of Reckoning!!! Haha, you can read about my initial CrossFit experiance in the Testimonial area of the CFSF website but otherwise i did my Baseline on Feb 18 2009 and then my first WOD the following day.

    When I walked in the door, the whiteboard read “Box Jump Ladder” as the warm up set and then “Karen”. It was just Nate and I that were in the box that day but i was really jacked about getting going w/ CrossFit. As Chris began to explain the Ladder workout i wasn’t overly worried about it and that was a big mistake! The box jump ladder (like all ladders) absolutely beat me down! After picking my ego off the floor, we walked over to the North wall where we would be performing “Karen” (150 Wall Balls for time). To say the least, neither Nate or I were remotely prepared for this! Side by side, Nate i battled this WOD which i know we both wanted to quit on numerous times (probably would have if we weren’t pushing one another) but we both finished the WOD (10mins) right before, what i thought could have been our very last breathes!!!

    I look back at that WOD with an enormous amount of humility! It was one of the biggest eye openings i’ve experianed in my life and thank Annie and Chris for their continued support ever since day 1!!!

    See you guys this weekend!!!!


  10. Lori Menke Says:

    I heard about CF from my sister; checked the website and decided this is what I’m doing. A few weeks later took a deep breath and made the call to Chris. Remember sweating bullets to get through my baseline. Did my first WOD the next day, I think or the Monday after, but like the WOD it’s just all a big blur.
    What I remember 3-2-1 GO!!!!
    Remember looking at Chris and asking “where am I going?” was told follow them…the rest of the 0530ers. It was a run….a short one, don’t even think I made it all the way without walking, the rest of the workout is a blur but do remember having a conversation with myself ….I’m gonna die … there is only 1/2 hour left…I’m gonna die .. 1/2 hour, back and forth. And yeah do believe it was a modified workout!

    Those first few weeks I limped, I gimped, I groaned, I moaned, and slathered on the tight muscle creams, patches etc. Was the butt of more than a few jokes…HA look who’s laughing now!

    Only look back to see how far I’ve come!! :0)

  11. I don’t remember my first WOD exactly, but I remember it involved pullups, and I was scared out of my mind. I couldn’t believe that my friend Kim (who inspired me to try CF) could do them unassisted–it seemed impossible! The last time I did pullups was the President’s Physical Fitness Challenge in elementary school, and I couldn’t do one then! Since starting CF in Sept, I found myself more and more excited about pullups. Once in November–before the move–I tried unassisted pullups, and couldn’t quite get them. A little over 2 months later, I successfully completed a WOD (just today!) with 150 unassistend pullups. I wish those boys who used to make fun of me in phys ed in elementary school could see me now!

  12. My first crossfit WOD isn’t even really a complete WOD persay – but just the baseline. It consisted of this for time: 500m row, 40 squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups and 10 pull-ups. I can honestly say it was in my top 3 most embarassing moments of my life. I figured shoot, I can do that, not a problem. Let’s just say I signed up for CF immediatly out of embarsassment of the fact that I got to the pushups and died. Yes – I didn’t finish the baseline the first time around… but I was addicted from then on out. My next wod is only a faint memory of a lot of pullups and me sleeping with icy-hot wraps on my arms for 3 days straight. I’ve been addicted since that first week and am a HUGE advocate of crossfit! 11 months into it it’s not something I fit into my life, it is a lifestyle that will be with me forever (and my son is becoming addicted right along with me)!
    Down 4 pant sizes and nearly 20lbs since I started crossfit – Chris is not full of BS when he tells people that their pants will be falling off of them in a month!
    Thanks CFSF for helping me drink the kool-aid!!

  13. I was introduced to CF by a friend from the Y. I thought, really? it sounds like another bootcamp place. So, I show up. I can’t really remember the work out, I think it was 100 thrusters and on every minute 2 pullups and 5 pushups? Or maybe I blocked out the first one, but I do remember being so sore that I limped for about 5 days. Honestly, limping and sighing everytime I moved…
    I was hooked. This seems to be a common thread is everybody’s comments – our ridiculous desire to be physically punished. I freakin love it! I started with a punchcard, moved to 3 times a week now full time, baby! Thanks CF friends! Thanks Chris and Annie!

  14. My first workout was nerve racking. Chris had invited me and I had been looking for something to get me going as I was bored with what I was doing and I am always up for a challenge. All I remember is there was a crazy amount of pull ups and I was sooooo excited to scream “time” at the end that I didn’t get my foot completely out of the bands and they flipped me up and I landed flat on my back on the cement floor, head too and tore my arm up on the box! I was hooked on the work out and the battle scars from then on – as proven by the 3 stitches in my shin from last weeks workout!!

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