CrossFlexx is BACK!

Back by Popular Demand…CrossFlexx.

We are going to bring it back this week with a Wednesday at 1130 to Noon class and she how it develops attendance wise. I am working on an evening class to accomodate the evening students as well so stay posted.

CrossFlexx is a great way to complement your WODs and lifts throughout the week. The goal develop effective mobility and flexibility strategies, improve ideal athlete positioning and movement set-up, and implement whole-body maintenance practices. We will utilize foam rollers, P&F stretching, PVC stretches, and much more. The initial structure of the class is a standard mobility warmup, followed by a couple effective stretch to work on, and finish with a flexibility work, all in 30 min. Prepare to free your body with limitations that have been holding you back in WODs and in daily activities.

Here is the updated description:

“CrossFlexx is designed to dramatically increase your flexibility, strength, mobility and muscular endurance. Flexibility is something that holds us back not only in our CrossFit workouts but in our daily life. When flexibility and mobility is limited it leads to fatigue, injury and restricts performance. CrossFlexx’s goal is to free yourself of limitations in movement and injury.

CrossFlexx will count as a class for the Part Timers. So hurry up and go UNLIMITED if you haven’t already.

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