March, Goals, Game Plan, GO

Browny and Bolge have lofty goals...CF games need we say more

It’s March…a new month…so you know what thats means…GOAL SETTING TIME!

This month pick 2-3 CrossFit goals to improve on (handstand pushups, muscle up’s, double unders, etc…) We are going to do something new this month to help you progress towards your goals.

Everyday during the warmup we are going to put a few things up on the whiteboard as normal and we are going to leave it up to you to add what you are working on for the month to add to the warmup. So everytime you come in, your goals will be programmed into the warmup.

19 Responses to “March, Goals, Game Plan, GO”

  1. Mine are butterfly pullups and double-unders (in that order). Right now I’ve got a hybrid butterfly/kip that looks like fish flopping in the wind (LiesingerFly, perhaps?), and I’d like to get that fixed. Then the double-unders…of which the singles kill my scores.

  2. Caiti K Says:

    Pull-ups with NO BANDS. Its GOTTA happen this month!
    Holding a handstand, working my way up to at least a minute!
    3…2….1…GO!!! 🙂

  3. ditto on the 1) butterfly kipping pullups (i am pretty much out of control when attempting those suckers) and
    2) shoulder strengthening exercises and
    3) oly lifting fundamentals

  4. 1. Handstand hold (can’t even get up on the wall as of now)
    2. Perform 65# OH squats with no problems
    3. Continue Paleo
    4. get off the movement & mobility cert. waiting list (okay so out of my control)
    5. Focus on getting 8hours of sleep

  5. Chris Mello Says:

    1-Handstand Pushups!!!
    2-Flexibility work (CrossFlexx!) 3 times a day.
    3-Sqauts (air squat, back squats, front squats, OH squats, every kind of squat)

  6. Kimberly Says:

    1. No band s pull ups
    2. Hand Stand hold for 30 seconds
    3. Double Unders!!!!!!!!
    4. Continue to eat Paleo
    5. Extra work to lose the fat!

  7. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    GET..RID…OF…BANDS. Hate them.

  8. Entering my 3rd month at CF, so I have a LONG list of things I want to improve on. Top three….
    1. Pullups – improving so eventually no bands.
    2. Pushups – No bands and no knees. Keeping my head up and my butt down.
    3. Those stickin’ double unders….RRRRR!

  9. 1.) Overhead squats-anything with shoulder work
    2.)Being able to do a handstand! Yes, for 1 second!!

  10. 1. double unders. i’m glad to say that tonight i got 10 in a row… every other night it was 3. see, you set your mind to something – you will achieve it! (maybe not that quickly though)

    2. strength – i seem to be the one person in class still stuck with “the bar” on a lot of things and it’s frustrating. some things i’m really strong at (dead lift) and others i’m terrible (front squat)

    3. HS pushups – just because they are my favorite and I always say if you like something & are good at it, stick with it!! (plus this way i can help everyone else that is striving to achieve their handstands – I’ll do them right along side of everyone cheering them on upside down!)

  11. 1) 15 HSPU in a row with parallets
    2) Double Under progression – 60 seconds/90 seconds/120 seconds without breaking/missing
    3) Add to muscle up progression (max MU’s for set time)

    **Work on getting more mentally tough in WOD’s**
    **Continue to work on flexibility in hips and shoulders**

  12. Courtney Says:

    1. Increse strength on oly lifts and not feel like I am weak sauce
    2. be able to do more than 5 pullups no bands – I do 5 rest do 5 rest I can finsih a workout but really slows me down! In the beginning of the WOD I can do 7-10 then I crumble
    3. double unders- more than 10 at a time
    4. Overhead squat- its all about the form
    5. also continue paleo after the challenge I am really feeling good and hope to keep it up!

  13. Tracy K Says:

    1. Hand stand pushups. I did my first ones tonight, but had to use 2 mats under my head… we need to get rid of those.
    2. Double Unders. I’m up to 15 in a row… but only far and few inbetween… usually it’s 3 or 1.5 (when I land back on the jump rope).

  14. 1) Handstand Push Ups – I can do five with one mat i have to get rid of the last one.
    2)Muscle-up progression

  15. 1) Double Unders – need to still work on these especially in the WODs!
    2) 65lb THRUSTERS!!!!
    3) ENDURANCE!!!! I can go forever on the workouts where we do things in 60 or 90 secs to where we get a breather but on the regular WODs, I still struggle a little bit with endurance but it’s getting better. KEEP PUSHING MYSELF IN WODS!!!!!
    4) Pullups – continue working on butterfly….I was really starting to get the hang of them during our load of pullups in the WOD! Need to be able to do more than 2-3 in a row, however.
    5) Manly Pushups – been good about these but would like to get off band assisted!
    6) Hand stand pushups – never done these but they seem to be popular so I’d like to learn!

  16. Laura R Says:

    What a way to start out the month of March – Joining CrossFit. I got whooped up on this week but am feeling so strong (in a completely weak, can barely walk kind of way)!

    1) Use the 15 lb’ers! – seriously can’t I use the 8’s? NO!
    2) Core strength – I could barely do 1 toe to bar today
    3) Pushups – Go from knees to the band.

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