Putting your CrossFit Skillz to the Test

MBooms 1st, Sarah Wilde 3rd...nuff said

Last weekend two of our CrossFitter’s Mary Boomsma and Sarah Wilde competed in the South Dakota Power lifting competition.

We are proud to announce that Mary Boomsma placed 1st and Sarah Wilde stepped in for 3rd place in their respective classes. Mary and Sarah both trained specifically for this event in less than one month! Goes to show you that CrossFit will prepare you for anything at anytime. One of the elements of fitness under the CrossFit philosophy is “regularly participate in sports”.

We have a lot of members that will run 5k’s, marathons, triathlons; lifting events, play in recreational sports, etc…

What do you use your CrossFit Skillz for? What is your sport?

For results of this event and future events to come: visit http://www.usapl-sd.com/

14 Responses to “Putting your CrossFit Skillz to the Test”

  1. Anna Leisa Says:

    That is AWESOME! Nice job, ladies!!!

  2. Lisa Meritt Says:

    I am a golfer and loving CrossFit. Getting much stronger every week and looking forward to swinging a club again.

  3. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    Strong women rock!!! Way to go.

  4. Way to represent ladies, incredible work!!!

  5. Jaime K Says:

    Great Job ladies!!!

  6. Awesome job ladies!

  7. awesome work ladies!

    as for “my sport” i have played softball since i was younger and always thought i was in good shape until i started crossfit. i’m excited to play this summer and see how much quicker & stronger i am on the field – and how less tired i am after the game!
    also excited to swing my golf clubs and hope that game gets better too!

  8. Way to represent chicas!! Super cool!!

  9. Tracy K Says:

    Awesome awesome job on Saturday! You girls did fantastic!!

  10. Great work, ladies! SO proud of you!!!

  11. Awesome job, ladies!!

    I play alot of volleyball and I’ve not only had to step yet another 1-2 feet back for serving, but I have noticed a HUGE difference in my quickness on the court since starting CF. I also have a better jump to block and spike as well…..big difference and excited to see how much more it progresses!

  12. one more reason I go to Crossfit……cause the women can kick my butt!!

    Great job!

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