CFSF Rules to Live by: Sign Up for Classes to Avoid New Burpee Penalty

This is a follow up from last Monday’s email:

Effective This Monday March 8, 2010: Online Scheduler Burpee Punishment!

We are experiencing great growth at CFSF. We are implementing this plan for the integrity of all CFSF CrossFitter’s and to help the larger classes remain organized.

Sign up for your classes on the online scheduler to avoid burpees! If you do not sign up online through our MindBody scheduler for each class you attend it is mandatory you complete 50 BURPEES…thats right 50 BURPEES, and burpees will accumulate by 5 reps every time you forget to sign up!

However; you can avoid these burpees by contributing to a $2 donation to The *”Shawn Poe Goes to Haiti”* We will let you know how if you choose that path.


Remember, when you sign up for a class – GO! If you need to cancel, our policy is 4 hours in advance, so that your buddies have an opportunity to attend. If you are having trouble getting into a class, sign up a little further in advance. Again, be considerate of your CrossFittin’ comrades!

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

If you have any questions please contact us.


Chris and Annie

3 Responses to “CFSF Rules to Live by: Sign Up for Classes to Avoid New Burpee Penalty”

  1. Jody Gilbertson Says:

    Someone I know by the last name of Bartek and first name of Chris says he NEVER signs up in advance-stick it to him.

  2. Beware!!! It is being enforced!!! Keep some change in your car, just in case 🙂

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