Athlete of the Week

This week’s AOW is Ashley Hobbs!

Ashley knows exactly what it takes to excel in CF. She works hard, is always eager to learn, is eager to help others and is consistent with her attendance and effort. She is currently in the last week of our Paleo Challenge and her results will speak for themselves.

Ashley you are just scratching the surface on what you can accomplish with CrossFit Sioux Falls we are so lucky to have you. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for all you do!

Today’s WOD

2 Part:

1- Karen: 150 Wall Balls for Time

2- Annie: 50-40-30-20-10
Double Unders

13 Responses to “Athlete of the Week”

  1. Great job! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Well deserved! Congrats

  3. Courtney Says:

    way to go! Great work!

  4. AWESOME choice for AOW!!! Ashley is so deserving of this! She is consistantly pushing through her workouts with a great CAN DO attitude! She’s a joy to workout with, loves to have fun during class but knows when to get down to business (and she totally has)! Ashley has blown through her goals since she’s joined and is doing an awesome job!!

    Well deserved Ashley!!! Keep it up girl!!

    • Ashley Hobbs Says:

      THANK YOU for all the great comments! I truly don’t know what to say! This totally brightened my otherwise sucky Monday! But I really can’t take full credit for this! Without the constant support and encouragement from my fellow crossfitters I would not have seen my potential. I also have Chris, Annie and all the other trainers to thank for continuing to push me! I only hope I can continue to make you all proud! I can’t wait to go home and kick my brother’s butt!

  5. Anna Leisa Says:


  6. Anna Leisa Says:

    This girl rocks! I have to brag up on her a little more…..:

    Ashley does EVERY SINGLE REP, EVERY SINGLE TIME. She’s my inspiration. If she doesn’t feel she did the rep fully, she’ll RE-DO it. That’s right, friends – this girl is a FULL-on CF correct-repper. 🙂 Way to go, Ashley!!

  7. Tracy K Says:

    Great great great choice. Ashley, you always stay positive, you always push yourself, and you are just a delight to work out with!! Keep up the great attitude! You rock!!

  8. High fives all around, well deserved and hope you smash your goals.

  9. Chris Peterson Says:

    Nice work girl! Keep up the great work!

  10. Great job, Ashley! Keep working hard and motivating others.

  11. Congrats! =)

  12. Way to go A-Hobb! Keep up the hard work, lady!

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