April Goals…Not April Fools

Tracy practices her weaknesses and is always improving. She may be on to something.

It’s the 1st of the month, it’s GOAL Setting Time!

Start the month of right. Set them NOW! 2 to 3 exercises/movements you are set on improving on. Build them into the regular warmup and your cool down. Practice them constantly.

Events going on this month to help your goals:

-April 1st (today) to April 30th: Paleo Contest. 1st Class starts this Saturday. Email us with your questions.
-April 17th: CrossFit To+al (Saturday)

Post your goals…let us have it!

9 Responses to “April Goals…Not April Fools”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    1. Double Unders
    2. Hand Stands
    3. Faster and better at all exercises (Pushing through and less breaks).

  2. Tracy K Says:

    1. Handstand push-ups – I’m getting better, but still need to get rid of those mats.

    2. Running – I want to be able to run 1 mile without wanting wanting to pass out since I forget to breathe.

    3. Grilling – This is not so much gym related, but I need to learn how to use my grill so I can grill some new paleo food. That thing is just so scary to me!!

  3. Amy Jo K Says:

    1. Box jumps (better form!)
    2. Running
    3. Squats (again…better form!)
    4. Not piking!!!

  4. Korena Chester Says:

    Last month was: 1) Double Unders in a WOD: I completed my first 100 in a WOD!! 2) 65lb thrusters – I managed to stick with 65lb thruster even though I knew it would be tough for me! 3) Endurance and pushing myself in WODs more – I feel that I’ve been improving on this as well..will keep working on, though! 4) Butterfly pullups-getting pretty decent at that but still need to work on timing 5) Manly pushups – did first set of 90 pushups without bands (10 count throughout workout) 6) Handstand pushups-still haven’t done but looks interesting πŸ™‚

    This month:
    1) Continue improving on the above goals
    2) KBS form-I tend to lose form when I try to go faster. Gonna go to the market and find me a KB!
    3) Try to attend Oly classes more frequently to work on form/strength more.
    4) Dance and sing like there is no tomorrow!
    5) Stay Paleo strong!
    There once was a Paleo girl
    Who ate pizza and wanted to hurl
    Stomach bubbles were created
    Which she so much hated
    Paleo is beautiful like a pearl.

    *NOTE: This post was written under the influence of lack of sleep. All comments are original and may not be published without the written consent of the author. If not taken as directed, it may cause drowsiness, mental instability, and hurl-ified foods (sooooo wanted to put the “seepage” part you commonly hear but I don’t want you guys to think I’m insane πŸ™‚ ). Please follow as directed.

  5. 1.Get 10 handstand pushups in a row
    2. Work on getting 30 muscle ups for time, and climb the rope to the top
    3. Continue to get stronger, and always focus on keeping the crossfit games standards even if it means sacrificing my time!

  6. 1. Work on Muscle ups
    2. Handstand pushups 10 in a row
    3. Keep doing everything prescribed no matter how long it takes

    Keep focusing on eating healthy and Paleo always be prepared with snacks and good healthy treats!!

  7. 1 Unassisted pushups in all WOD’s
    2 Continue to improve pullups trying to get up to 15 reps in a row, consistently
    3 Continue to work on Double Unders with goal to get 25 in a row

  8. April Goals:
    1) Run additional miles on my own time
    2) Clean up diet… LIMITED sweets:)
    3) no complaining about OH squats or burpees or box jumps or anything that I may not enjoy doing during the WOD. POSITIVE every time!
    4) If physically possible, prescribed every WOD.
    and 5) push ups chest to floor!

    Keep me on track CF friends!!!!

  9. 1. Working on my form for everything
    2. Double Unders
    3. Like Jenny, running on my days off of CF. My dogs will love that goal! They love their exercise too.

    Thanks Chris for the help on the deadlift form today. No aching back tonight!

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