100 Day Burpee Challenge!

Perfect Pushup by Tonna requires nothing fancy just a PVC pipe

CrossFit is all about doing whatever, whenever at anytime. So we would like to introduce to you CFSF 100 day burpee challenge…That’s right not even with one day of notice. The reason: The CrossFit Games is exactly 99 Days from today. So actually it started yesterday:-))) Annie and I are in whose with us???!

For a great complete description of this challenge; we have taken this from a former CFSF CrossFitter now CF Fargo Affiliate in progress, Garrett Strating:

“Starting today April 6th all participants do one burpee, adding a burpee each day until reaching 100 burpees on the 100th day! All burpees will be done to CrossFit Games standard.
If a participant wishes to join the challenge after April 6th (yesterday:-) they may buy-in, do the total burpees for that day as well as all of the burpees missed since the beginning of the Challenge. Burpees done in a regular workout can count towards that days total but excess burpees cannot be carried over to the next day. For example, today April 7th is technically Day 2, so to buy-in you need to complete 1 burpee for yesterday and 2 burpees for today. The burpee challenge will be on the honor system, there will be no official forum other than your word.”

CrossFit Games Burpee Form Standard:
Each rep of the burpee will only count when full range of motion is achieved. The bottom limit is when your chest and thighs touch the ground. The top limit is when your hands clap overhead with your feet off the ground and your hips and legs fully extended. There is no height requirement on the jump, but the clap must occur while airborne. The clap is considered overhead when the arm crosses the plane of the ear (when viewed from the side). If the timing is missed, you may repeat the jump to complete the rep.
This will be a tough Challenge and 100 days a considerable amount of time to commit, so lets get motivated and hold eachother accountable…before you know it, we’ll all be able to say we completed the “100-Day Burpee Challenge”!!!!

A great thread about the challenge: http://board.crossfit.com/showthread.php?t=44867


Sign your name on the board by the north door if you are in. We will update it M-F

14 Responses to “100 Day Burpee Challenge!”

  1. I’m definitely in! I’m also doing the 100 day pushup challenge as well, if anybody wants to join in!

  2. I already did my 1 burpee last night!! Let’s get after it! 3.2.1.GOOO

  3. FYI – We’re going to be putting together a 100-Day Burpee Challenge Facebook Event to serve as forum to chat about everything Burpees!!!

    Motivation and accountability are huge factors in a Challenge of this length, so lets rally together and make this a great one as a group!!!

    Let the Challenge begin!!!

  4. Chris Mello Says:

    Day 1 and Day 2 DONE for me! Garrett is right. I have read a lot about these challenges and remember people doing burpees and 1130p with 57 burpees to go or having to do 137 burpees because they missed a day. Don’t give in and let the days catch up to you. We are all in this together!!! BOOM! You will prove to yourself what your made of:-)

  5. I’m in but the next challenge how about the burpee mile???? boom to that

  6. Amy Koch Says:

    I’m pretty excited about this…I’ve finally figured out the art of doing a burpee (which makes them much easier to do!). Thanks for the challenge!

  7. I’m totally in! I love burpees!!

  8. Yeah burpees!

  9. Mamacita Says:

    I am in! Did mine for yesterday! ROCK ON!

  10. Kimberly Says:

    This will be a good way to get my burpee form in tip top shape!

  11. I cave to peer pressure…. I am in, too 🙂
    Also- I want to know what the “art” of doing a burpee is…. Amy???

    • Amy Koch Says:

      I shouldn’t say that I personally figured it out…I found a video on YouTube (search for CrossFit Burpee Demo). I found that I need to count out the steps as I do a burpee. For some reason, it makes it easier for me. I’m kind of weird like that though:)

  12. Couldn’t be any worse than Browny’s birthday WOD–I’m in!

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