CFSF is running in the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer

530pm group waiting for a Six Pack Abs Finisher

The Avera Race Against Breast Cancer is one of the most popular races in Sioux Falls. We are really excited because this is the 1st race CFSF is involved in as a team. We are participating in the 5k race.

To sign up under our team click the white Avera Race banner to the right under the events. Then…
-Go to 1st time participants, click to register, fill out the form
-Click join an existing team
-Type in CrossFit Sioux Falls
-Complete the rest of the registration process.

Shirt Slogan Contest

We will be having shirts made for the race. Shirts will be $10 to just cover costs. For the slogan contest there will be a sheet in the gym to write a catchy, cool, innovative slogan that puts our stamp on the race. For those of you familiar with the race the shirts are a popular way to set your team a part from everyone else. Slogans must be in by Thursday April 22. All of the race participants will vote of the best slogan Friday April 23 and the winner will not have to pay for their shirt:-)

The Details:


Saturday, May 8, 2010
Rain or shine!
8:00 AM Race Begins! (staggered start times)

Avera McKennan Fitness Center
3400 S. Southeastern Avenue
Race Day Events

7:00 am- Team Photos (available for teams of 15+ ; other stipulations may apply)
7:30 am- Survivor Group Photo
7:45 am- Warm Up with Jackie Haggar-Tuschen
8:00 am- Avera Race Expo, Breakfast Buffet, and Survivor Pavilion Open
8:00 am- The Race Begins with the Survivor Start! (Please note that race starts will be staggered)
Post Race- Runner & Team Awards

For more info go to:

Lets show Sioux Falls the POWER of the CrossFit Sioux Falls community!

Contact us with any questions.

20 Responses to “CFSF is running in the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer”

  1. One of my favorite CrossFit slogans:

    “You’ve never experianced Cardio until you’ve met “HELEN””

    So true!

  2. Just got signed up!!! Hope we get a BIG CF team!!! Will start thinking of a Tee idea…

  3. I’m in!

  4. “CrossFit is Hard”. eh? nothing like stating the obvious I always say.

  5. super exciting that you are going to have a team!! i’ll be in san fran but plan on running on the warf that morning – I’ll be with everyone in spirit!!

    as for a slogan… “crossfit sioux falls – this race is just our warmup”

  6. Mamacita Says:

    This is a great event and so worth participating in! I have ran in it for the past 4 years, very motivating and for an incredible cause!
    I will be in North Carolina that weekend but will be running that morning with you all in spirit as well. I will be sure to submit my Tee idea 😉

  7. I’m in!!

  8. Courtney Says:

    I am totally in !!! I will sign up! My first 5k!

  9. How about: What? We don’t walk the 5K on our hands?

  10. crossfits for tits……I LOVE IT!! That should be our team name!!!!

  11. Signed up!!!

  12. Jaime K Says:

    All signed up!

  13. I just registered!!! Hoping this will be my come-back race!!! Anyone see how we can view our team members? Love the slogan ideas, siding with Jeri!!!

    if you register by April 23rd Chris can grab our packets early, and avoid that hassle

  14. i vote for “saving lives one rack at a time”

  15. T-shirt ideas: “We clean, we have a good snatch, and we run for the Mountains – CrossFit Sioux Falls”

    …or just simply….

    “CrossFit Sioux Falls – running for the Mountains”

  16. annaleisa Says:

    I love the slogan ideas! How about…

    > We’ve got the runs (and deadlifts…and pull-ups…and squats…)

    > Pukie’s our mascot for good reason.

    > What? No weights?

    > For Crossfitters, running is resting.

  17. “We live to WOD, we WOD so you can live”. CFSF

  18. I’m in. 10k Who is with me? For the Tee slogan my vote is for “crossfit sioux falls – this race is just our warmup”. We are all going to do a WOD after the race, right?

  19. […] II winner, Paleo Challenge I winners, 100 day burpee challenge, or how about cody’s blog, Breast Cancer race, or Booms and Sarah competing in the South Dakota Powerlifting […]

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