CrossFit Games: A Global Event of the Sport of Fitness

Over the past three years, the growth of CrossFit across the globe has led to a bigger, better CrossFit Games competition. This weekend marks the midwest regional qualifiers in Castle Rock, CO. CrossFit Sioux Falls is sending 6 of our best athletes to compete in the Affiliate Cup Midwest Regionals. The Midwest Regionals will have over 30 different affiliates in the Midwest region competing for 6 spots to qualify for the CrossFit Games in Los Angeles, CA this July. Click HERE for a brief history of the CrossFit Games.

We are so proud of our athletes and wish them the BEST of luck as they go to Colorado to put CrossFit Sioux Falls on the map. Lets here it for our athletes:

Mary, Annie and Liza

Browny and CPete

And last but not least, Big NICK

10 Responses to “CrossFit Games: A Global Event of the Sport of Fitness”

  1. Huge props guys and girls!!! Tear it up this weekend!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK!! I’ve been watching you guys train and am AMAZED at what you all are capable of doing. I’m very proud to be represented by such a great group of athletes.

  3. So proud of you guys!!!! CFSF couldn’t have better representation–you are an inspiration to all of us!!! Go get ’em! (And DON’T FORGET to keep us updated as the games progress!!!)

  4. Jackie Fischer Says:

    Best of Luck to all of you!! Show them what CrossFit Sioux Falls is made of (heart & soul)!!

  5. Good luck and try to send updates and pics all weekend!!!!! Will be cheering for you! LOUD!

  6. Good Luck ladies and gentlemen!! You have worked really hard over the past month preparing for the games, so kick some butt but have FUN doing it!! I am proud of all of you!

  7. someone once told me, “you don’t need luck when you have skill…”

    you are all going to rock it!!! have a great time – enjoy yourselves and kill the wods!!!!

  8. Good luck, ladies & gents! Get there, relax, and just do your thang!! Kick some boo-tay!!

  9. Cassie Mills Says:

    Best of Luck to all of you!!!! You all have a HUGE cheering section back here at CFSF!!! Keep us updated:-)

  10. Follow these bad ass mo’fo’s over the weekend via twitter… FTSmattyB is where you want to be. Casey will do a burpee for every follower!!

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