CFSF Rules to Live By: Throw away your scale!

Kimmy and Amy are taking their FITness to the next level

For those of you who have been CrossFitting for a while know that CrossFit is a very very different way of getting FIT vs. the traditional/globol/commercial gym way.

Counting calories, FAT free diets, slim fast BS, and weighing yourself every 10 minutes is NOT the way to get FIT PERMANETLY!

When you CrossFit gaining weight is a “GOOD” thing:-)

CrossFitters know that when you gain weight you gain MUSCLE.

CrossFitters know that muscle is our BFF because muscle is the only natural and best FATburner on the market.

CrossFitters know that muscle burns FAT 24/7.

CrossFitters know that muscle helps us not only prevent injury but also help you heal previous injuries faster and better.

Lastly, CrossFitters know that muscle makes you lean, long and strong.

When you have a ROCK HARD Body do you really care how much you weigh on that “SCALE”…I think not:-)

So CrossFitters tell us your “throwing away the scale story”.

And if you haven’t throw that scale away yet…what are you waiting for???

9 Responses to “CFSF Rules to Live By: Throw away your scale!”

  1. Scales are the worst! Just like Gluten! Just like black ice! I was weighed at the Dr last week and I weigh more than I did when I started CrossFit, yet I’m down pant sizes and in the best shape of my life, etc. I never started CrossFit to lose weight (I was skinny fat)– just to tone up and be healthy (ONE LIFE, LIVE IT!). Signed up for CrossFit the first day I did my baseline – went to a Nutrition Cert not long after that (started eating Paleo right after I started CrossFit, before we had Paleoholics) I love Paleo, I get a high off eating good food — I just said who gives to the scale and stopped using it. I just ate 2, yes 2 BIG daddy salads for lunch and lots of other goodies earlier today, and am I worried about what the scale is going to say? NO WAY! I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, Paleo Style and know my body is smiling. Cheesy but true. If you have a scale, THROW IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It messes with your mind and that’s just lame! Work out, eat right…happy you, happy body, happy family. Scale…whateverrrrrrrrrr’. 🙂 🙂 Be done! Love ya’ll!

  2. Nice work Kimmy!. Great posts Chris and MPoe. I am glad that you encouraged Amy to give up the scale – her complaining about weight has ceased ;). As far as I am concerned, weight is rather irrelevant. I personally just look in a mirror, jump up and down, and if there is excessive jiggling, there is work to be done!

  3. Amy Koch Says:

    I agree with Michelle…scales are the worst! I was getting really annoyed every morning when I stepped on the scale. I tried to put my scale in the closet (but I would dig it back out). Finally, I just gave the scale to Chris (thank you!). Now I am focusing more on fitness goals rather than weight goals. I have a long ways to go, but at least I’m not letting the scale discourage me:)

  4. Ok….don’t know that you’ll get me to throw away the scale (sorry 😦 ) BUT….I use the scale in a completely different way than most. I could care less if my weight goes up AS LONG AS I’m still looking toned and don’t have jiggly wigglies! I use the scale for monitoring (and probably a little obsessed with it, some would say!) meaning that I’m at a point now where I feel awesome, I’m at a weight I’m finally happy with but if I drop weight too quick or increase weight too quick within a week’s time, I’m on top of it!

    For me, it’s a constant reminder of why I started doing Paleo! I can finally smile every time I step on the scale whether it goes up….or down!

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