When Your CrossFit Strong…. There Are NO Limits!

Going to the Affiliate Cup this past weekend was a huge eye opener for me. As I watched all the different events I realized some of the girls who looked so incredibly strong were throwing up the same weight as women who looked like an 45lb Olympic bar would be a task. It was unbelievable to watch 95lb women snatch a 95lb bar, or clean and jerk 145.

When I first started CrossFit, I had no desire to lift weight in fear that I would “gain” weight; but last summer I made a decision to myself that I was going to completely sell out to the program. I would no longer live in “fear” of getting better and achieving goals I didn’t think I was capable of! I chose a motto I was going to live by: “Size doesn’t matter” and let me tell you it DOESN’T! Not only have I lost weight since lifting more, I am now running faster than I did in high school, I am doing more pull-ups, squats, and pushups (body weight calisthenics) that I ever thought possible, all because I made a choice to become better!

Words can’t describe the feeling of Overhead squatting your body weight, or doing a deadlift 1 1/2 times your weight. It makes you not only physically tough but mentally tough as well! I want to continue to get stronger and have no holes in my programming (basically being able to do any WOD prescribed). I can’t imagine the mental toughness you will achieve knowing there is nothing that you aren’t capable of!

CrossFitters …what are some of your weight training goals you are hoping to achieve ?

Here is a video of some of the bad ass women of CrossFit!

Written By:
Annie Mello

7 Responses to “When Your CrossFit Strong…. There Are NO Limits!”

  1. Jaime K Says:

    Great Blog Annie!! I would have to agree, “Size does not matter!” I thought the same way you did. I did not want to add weight because I did not want to get big. It seems it has the opposite effect. Once I started adding weight is when I started to drop the weight! My goal is to get stronger and do all the wod’s prescribed as possible! I am really going to focus on my weight lifting especially the form. Making sure I get the form correct! It is not about the time for me as it is doing the wod prescribed. So come on ladies quit worrying about getting big and let’s all try to get stronger! You know it is a really good feeling when you can do things yourself without the help of a man. Trust me guys nothing against you!

  2. Tracy K Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I completely agree that ADDING weights will make you DROP more weight.

    Ever since I have been doing the Olympic Lifting classes, I’ve seen huge differences in all of my WOD’s. My pullups are better, my wall balls are easier, and I was able to whip out a 5K the other day without any training… and my time wasn’t even bad and I didn’t get sore. I’ve been lifting weights that I wouldn’t have even imagined I could do (body weight OHS, almost 2x my bodyweight in deadlifts, more than my bodyweight in front and back squats, etc) and I keep having to buy SMALLER pants.

    I think everyone should embrace adding weight to their workouts or come and check out an Oly class and get some great coaching so you are more comfortable with your form. You won’t be sorry!!

  3. Chelle Says:

    Love this video! My goal is to maintain my strenth and conditioning. I know I’ve lost a little in the past few months due to combatting fatigue and trying to keep my heartrate down, but if the next 5 months go smoothly, I plan to be back hitting it hard toward the end of October, future Crossfitter in tow! =)

  4. Courtney Says:

    I f’ing love this blog! good job annie! Now my back is getting better I am hoping I can start adding weight! GREAT BLOG!

  5. I have been telling women for years that they wouldn’t get big if they lifted weights, and many times they still looked at me with disbelief. More and more women are doing it and realizing that they only benefit from it. You not ONLY look better, but you prevent injuries by doing so.

    Keep up the good work…Don’t tell anyone, but after watching this video and seeing all of you each week, sometimes I wish I was a woman. Ha ha ha!!!!

  6. Weights are your friends!

    Great job to the ladies that did the OLY class today! Take advantage of the opportunities we have at CFSF…our coaches have a wealth of knowledge and are there to help you get better….and STRONGER!!


  7. Jackie F Says:

    Annie – I love this post! I have really surprised myself since joining CrossFit a few months ago. And this weekend, doing the 5K was incredible – I never in a million years thought I could do it, but I even beat the goal I set for myself! I am so excited to continue to grow stronger by the day! The video is a total inspiration to me – thanks again!!

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