Rowing at the speed of light!

Just a reminder that if you bleed, have extra clothes, waterbottles, shoes, or whatever you might do or leave..clean that stuff up after you finish with a barbell or spot on the pull up bar at each class!

As well as please take things that you bring with you to the box home with you. Latley we have collected a lot of waterbottles, shoes, clothes, etc…

We do have a lost and found. But it is now full and we will be cleaning it out/giving it away at the end of each month. If you think you may have left something here come in and grab it.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Don’t make us implement this with burpees (insert evil laugh:-)


  1. Can we leave our workout shoes? If stored in the appropriate shoe cubbies? Maybe if we promise to bring a bottle of Febreeze?

  2. Ashley Says:

    I totally deserve to be chewed out for this! I realized after I left on Wednesday that I didn’t clean off my barbell… Sorry guys! I almost felt bad enough to call you Wed. night! Now I really do! I definitely won’t let it happen again…I feel like such a dirtbag!

  3. annaleisa Says:

    Can you leave out some clorox wipes, or something? That’d be SWEET!! (Annie helped me raid the cleaning materials closet today, but something easily accessible might help!)

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