New Month…New Goals…Have a New Mindset

Ahhh the tire flipping season is here

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me.” PSALM 51:10

“We set ourselves up either for misery or for job by the mindset that we have toward the things in our life”…Think this applies to our WODs???

“Mindsets are the patterns in which our mind normally operates toward a certain determination.” For example, when we hear what the WOD is from a friend (even before you get to the box) or when you walk into CFSF and look at the whiteboard…

What goes through your mind first? Joy? Or dread? How does that affect your mental game pre-WOD? Your performance during the workout? How you feel afterwards?

Refuse to dread what MUST be done. Greet the day (and each WOD) with the right attitude and a thankful heart and know that the coaches and your CFSF teammates are right there with you every step of the way.

Now take that same positive, thankful and progressive approach to taking this time NOW to set and re-set your goals for this month of June. Pick one, two, three goals you WILL accomplish and work diligently towards and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Post and JUST DO IT!

*Quotes taken from, Starting Your Day Right Devotions, Joyce Meyer.*

7 Responses to “New Month…New Goals…Have a New Mindset”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Minsets are huge, and one of my goals for June is to start working on the back and increasing weight if I am able. Keep it coming and keep working hard!

  2. Jackie F Says:

    My goals for June include – working to perfect the dreaded burpee, working to get lower on my pushups and working to improve my overhead squats. (If I lose a pound or two along the way – BONUS!!)

  3. Its all bout the mental game.

    Goals for June:
    -Handstand pushups
    -20 rep Back Squat program
    -PR on all Olympic Lifts

  4. I’ve never dreaded going to the box. It’s kinda funny cause I usually think “oh that doesn’t look that bad” and then Chris tells me to add more weight and I think “Ok, I will give it a try” and then during it I think “Is Chris trying to kill me?” and then I get done and think “nope, he’s just pushing me out of my comfort zone” My goals for June include doing at least 3 WOD’s the week I am in Alaska on vacation and keeping with not doing girlie pushups (no matter how many we have to do)

  5. Loved the tire flipping!
    I have always been the person who thinks of the glass as half empty instead of half full. The past few years my life has been full of “peaks” and “valleys.” Thanks to Crossfit I am staying on the “peaks.” I am physically stronger as well as emotionally stronger. My mindset is definitely changing for the BETTER!
    Goals for June: Handstand push ups and the dreaded DOUBLE UNDERS!

  6. I like to know the WOD ahead of time so I know how much to eat (or not eat) to keep from either passing out or being a pukie 🙂 I always psych myself up and never NOT go due to what a WOD is….that’s against my rule book!

    Goals for June: 1) continue with double unders…started semi-over because wanted to get the extra hop out of my DUs…accomplished that, now need to work back up to being able to do more in a row…2-3 doesn’t cut it in a wod but I keep attacking! 2) BS Reps (back squat reps) 3) timing on pullups….10 at a time is my goal 4) handstand pushups….haven’t tried these yet

  7. I didn’t have any “new goals” until the Wed night class and now I’m on fire!!!

    My goal by my b-day (mid July)… a real muscle up. I have about 7 weeks to make this goal which is so so doable if I se my mind to it!!!

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