CrossFit Chicks ARE HOT!!!

Read this article by Louis Hayes from the CrossFit Journal:


CrossFit chicks are hot.
Ever hear that saying? Well, it’s true. And here’s why: Being “hot” has a lot more to it than physical appearance. Plenty of women and girls have all the physical componentsand gifts of the cover girl but simply “aren’t hot.”And then there are those magnetic ones who might never be a runway model but are irresistible.

Click on this link and read more on Why we are as HOT as we ARE!!!!

Click to access CFJ_hayes_chicks.pdf

3 Responses to “CrossFit Chicks ARE HOT!!!”

  1. From a single guy’s perspective, there’s nothing hotter than a Crossfit body…but that’s just my opinion. A woman who is strong, toned, and healthy is very, very sexy.

  2. I’m with Nick: a woman that takes care of her body is very appealing. I’m always humbled by the ladies of CrossFit and their ability to finish strong. It’s mesmerizing and motivating at the same time. Keep it up ladies – I bow down in your honor.

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