Challenges…Why Do them?

This weekend marks our 1st “Nancy” Challenge.

What is the “Nancy”?

5 Rounds: 400 meter Run + 15 Overhead Squats

Overhead Squats are regarded as one of the hardest and most CHALLENGING exercises throughout our CFSF community.

So why would you CHALLENGE Yourself???

If you want to make the most out of your health, fitness, career, weave these two words into the fabric of your approach to life: “Challenge yourself.”

You will never fulfill even a fraction of your potential by sticking to the safe and comfortable. Because the safe and comfortable never forces you to rise to the occasion. It never offers the resistance that strengthens your mind and muscles you didn’t know you had.

Think about it…why do most people LOVE CrossFit? Because it’s the constant challenge. Every WOD you have the opportunity to PUSH Yourself to levels you never thought possible. Think of this “Nancy Challenge” as your next BIG opportunity to throw yourself in a situation where you will be FORCED to stretch yourself.

And guess what???

The more you challenge yourself and succeed, the greater your confidence in your ability to do it again next time. Challenge doesn’t just help you grow your skills and knowledge; it helps you grow your belief that you can in anything and everything you do in life 🙂

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