Hope you have a Big Trunk, Cuz I need to put my Bike in it.

See happy biking will make you

For you Crossfitters who already put their bikes away, you might as well get them back out as soon as you can.

Many of you probably have seen a bike roaming around the Crossfit gym, so I got the brillent idea of informing all of you the benefits you will receive while riding your “motorless transportation”.

First things first, for those who think riding bikes in actually pretty easy, you are wrong. Learning how to ride a bike actually has a formula that makes no sense to me at all ( Inertia forces + gyroscopic forces + the effects of gravity and centrifugal forces = the leaning of the body and the torque applied to the handlebars of a bike). But once you learn how to ride, it is one exercise you will never forget.

Riding bikes is not only difficult to learn, but once mastered, you will be able to reap all the benefits from it. There are 6 benefits of riding bikes that I have found that I believe will make you change from car to bike.

1. Good Cardiovascular Exercise- you will be able to improve your fitness level just by riding your bike for 30 minutes a day.
2. Kind to the joints- bike riding is a free exercise that is pain free. If you got knee problems, no need to worry. Just make sure you adjust the seat, so your legs get a full range of motion.
3. Strengthen leg muscles- think of it as a crossfit WOD. It might look easy, but once your finished, you realize you were way wrong.
4. Tones the Gluteus Muscles-by expierence of riding my bike, my gluteus maximus is already starting to show and feel wonderful benefits:-)
5. Strengthen Abdomen-by staying upright on the bike, you have to find a balance between you and the bike, so that balance strengthens your core muscles.
6. People checking you out- i know this one by experience, but there are a lot of passengers and drivers who just stare at you. I came up with a conclusion that there are two reasons for this. One, they idolize you for riding your bike, and two, you might be just by extremely good looking.

By: Cody B

6 Responses to “Hope you have a Big Trunk, Cuz I need to put my Bike in it.”

  1. Courtney Says:

    LOOk at that MUG SHOT!

  2. I’ve totally noticed your gluteus maximus…ow ow hot stuff 🙂

  3. Tracy K Says:

    HAHA!! #6 is definitely my favorite reason!

  4. This is hilarious! Don’t forget to wear a helmet too 🙂

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