Become Flexible/Mobile…It’s Vital to YOU and Your Goals

Casey is a Master and helping you become more flexible and improve your mobility

YOU don’t come to CrossFit to become more flexible and improve your mobility…right? Let’s be honest…you come because you want the HARDCORE…kick *ss WODs! But what if I told you that because you’re not flexible and or YOU lack mobility it is holding you back from attaining YOUR goals? Because it is!

CrossFit defines ‘FIT’ness as becoming competent in 10 General Physical Skills: Strength, Cardio, Stamina, Power, Speed, Co-ordination, Accuracy, Balance, Agility, and FLEXIBILITY/MOBILITY…guess which one of those has the greatest impact to limit the other nine???

A few things come to mind on why YOU must improve your flexibility and mobility:

Improve YOUR Performance: KStar likes to put it as “BEST FIT”: a biomechanical ideal position from which maximal force can be produced and sustained…huh? If you are tight you cannot perform to YOUR physical and athletic potential.
Become Pain FREE: No matter who you are; your body desires to be pain free…all the time. The problem is we are imbalanced; the way we move, sit, stand, slouch, bend, etc… creates those imbalances. If you have any type of pain something is wrong and YOU need to take care of it…ALL THE TIME. Like in a regular routine, everyday and multiple times a day.
Injury prevention: In a nutshell, if you can move properly without limitation, chances are you won’t get injured very easily.

Why we don’t stretch???

Because it’s boring, it takes TIME out of our day, and it doesn’t get you lean and ripped (when actually it really does; and we will address that in a later blog:-)

The CFSF Solution?

Starting next week we will be incorporating a “Stretch of the Week”. We will post at least one Flexibility/Mobility related move on the blog and it will be plugged into every class’s warm-up for the entire week. The more you come to class the more you will be able to learn, try it, and DO IT!

So CFSF If you have issue: tight back, hamstrings, shoulders hurt, chin splints, calves, it’s hard to squat all the way down, do you need recovery ideas (are you wayyyy to sore), etc…etc… Then let us know and we will address it in future posts.

3 Responses to “Become Flexible/Mobile…It’s Vital to YOU and Your Goals”

  1. michelleb Says:

    Yes, I need help! 🙂 My hamstring/glutes, right leg only, are so tight every day, despite stretching these areas, twice a day. It really effects me anytime we have to run and slows me down!

  2. hip mobility is a BIG problem for me. I’d love to be able to increase hip ROM.

  3. Carmen V Says:

    Yes, help!!! Patellar Tendonitis!!!

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