How and Why Your Crossfit Goals May Change Over Time

CrossFit is NOT your typical gym. Way to go Shelly!

For those of you that have been CrossFitting for a while now (over 6 months or so) this story will sound very familiar to a lot of you. Basically what happens is you come into CrossFit with your initial goals i.e. lose weight and tone up…well at least 97% of you:-) and what happens is you learn what CrossFit REALLY is and what is can REALLY do for you and your health. You stop with your traditional FITness goals and start treating FITness as a sport (the way it should be treated).

Read this and she how she is changing mentally and emotionally…ENJOY!

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Q-Leah, can you talk a little about the transformation of your mindset towards CrossFit since you started? For example, when you first started, was it just to lose weight and get in shape? Has that changed over time? If so how?

A-I definitely started CrossFit in order to lose weight and try to be more healthy. I generally felt overwhelmed by my weight-how high it was, how long it had been that high, and how unsuccessful I had been at making any lasting changes. I had started back at an “exercise plan” a couple months before I joined the box, and that consisted of lots of time on the elliptical and 2 days a week working with some nautilus machines. I had a nagging feeling that I actually needed some big time, significant help. I knew I needed something different, someone who would really take an interest in my progress and success, so much so that he would push me to work much, much harder than I was currently working. I had no idea where to find such a person, so Anna recommended CrossFit. My goal when I started was pretty simple, but it was massive-to lose 110 pounds. That was daunting to say the least.

With a goal like this, it was a bit frustrating to start CF and gain back the 10 pounds that I had lost from all that elliptical work, but I was far more interested in what I was now doing at the box, and I was way more sore and worn out from it. I figured all this struggle must be worth something, so I kept it up, started Paleo, and have lost 55 pounds over the last year.

If my goal in all of this had not changed at all, this number would be frustrating, not exciting. If I was still first and foremost concerned about hitting that 110 pound goal, I would be nice and tired of all this, wishing instead that I could just lose 10 pounds a week like they do on The Biggest Loser. But I am not frustrated and discouraged, I am thrilled. I never imagined how great it would feel to be only half way to that goal. I never imagined that my goal would actually change, that I would be happy to change my goal to 85 pounds and add so many other goals in the meantime.

It is most often these additional goals that keep me going. The weight loss can be slow and even non-existent for weeks at a time. I really had to break away from thinking that I HAD to lose a certain amount each week, or that weight loss was the most important thing. I had to learn to broaden my goals to include heavier lifts, faster times, and seeing (and really appreciating) progress in other movements. I had to learn to celebrate the progression of struggling through pushups on my knees to now struggling with regular pushups, and going from jumping pull ups only to the blue band, and then the green, and then the violet, or stepping up on the 12 inch box to finally being able to jump onto the 20 inch box.

I always know that I have so many goals that I can add to my list , so amazingly enough, I find that I think more about these new goals than the one I started with, the weight loss. Don’t worry, I am not kidding myself, I know I have more weight to lose, but I am now confident that I know what I need to do to get it done, and that it will happen. I probably get more stressed out about ever trying a HSPU again…


So CFSF, how have your goals changed since you started???

If you could give some advice to some that is new to CFSF…what would it be???

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4 Responses to “How and Why Your Crossfit Goals May Change Over Time”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is a great post! When I started Crossfit, I was defeated by running injuries. All I’d ever done to maintain my weight was run (40-50 miles per week), and I was convinced that without running, I would be huge. My first WOD was a week after a 15 mile run, and that WOD nearly killed me. I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was overall, despite being in good running shape.

    But what led me to running was the same thing that got me addicted to Crossfit–my competitiveness with myself. It only took a few weeks for me to start to see progress in my squats, my pushups, my pullups, etc, and I wanted to push harder, lift more, finish faster. I was so concentrated on doing well in the WODs that I hardly noticed the transformation in my body, which was significant. Carrying 8 bags of groceries at a time? Up a flight of stairs??? Sure! 210 burpees in 20 minutes on Brownie’s b-day??? NO PROB!

    Thanks to CF, my goal is no longer to keep the weight off. My goals are too many to list because they involve so many skills and WODs! And the most amazing thing of all is the side effect of those goals–I stay in shape. I no longer “run to eat and eat to run,” which used to be my motto. I Crossfit because I have something(s) to prove to myself, and those things have nothing to do with the number on my scale!

  2. awesome post!!! amazing how goals can change over time! i find that through crossfit every time i blow through a goal there is another one waiting! there is always room for improvement & always room to grow with crossfit! the awesome thing is that crossfit hasn’t just helped me grow with my physical heath but has helped me to become a better all around person!

    i have an immense amount of competitiveness… i’m still learning how to harness that and put it to good use but when i’m on i’m on; and what an amazing feeling that is! i think that recently has been my biggest goal – just to show up at the box, give 110% and be on – there’s nothing better than a crossfit high!!

    as for advice for new members, don’t get discouraged, ask for help and show up! remember, the biggest challenge is just walking through the door! and have fun with it, although it may be torturous, in the end in my opinion, it’s top 3 things to look forward to in the day – HAVE FUN!!!

  3. Very good post! My goals were the typical when I first started: lose weight and tone up. Since starting CF in late July, I lost about 30lbs through CF alone. Now I am starting to feel more comfy in my “skin”…I feel more confident, and like Chelle, I didn’t realize how my body had really changed and all for the good! The weight isn’t as important to me now…I’d be happy to maintain where I’m at….my goals are now to keep plugging away at my weaknesses, to lift more, to keep seeing progress, and to challenge myself in wods with more weight, even if I have to struggle or am the last one done. I always tell myself mentally: “You can always throw weight off” but very rarely do I and alot is because of the encouragement from other members and from the trainers. Yes, sometimes I do have to stop to rest more BUT that only gets better over time the more I stick to it! I’ve already proven that and started bumping my weights up again! Nervous but excited!

    Advice for new members: never give up! If you fall in a pothole, brush yourself off and get back up. Be patient with results and with yourself, challenge yourself in wods, and don’t worry about whether you are last or not! Even if you don’t feel like working out, still walk through the doors….think about how good you feel AFTER the workout…focus on that. I’ve found it to be a GREAT stress reliever!!

    If you ever have questions, ask a “veteran” and we’ll gladly show/help you! We’re all here to help each other succeed!

    • so so true korena… the “veterans” are here to help the “newbies”!!! one of the best successes i think after the first year of crossfit is helping someone new set and blow through their goals!!!

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