Buck Furpees…100 Day Burpee Challenge ReCap

It started with 45…

and finished with 7…

Give it up for Kathy B, Holly, Molly, Nikki, Browny, Annie, and Brandi

Last Wednesday was the culmination of the 100 Day Burpee Challenge.

A HUGE congratulations to all the CrossFitter’s who completed the Challenge. This is quite accomplishment.

When you think about it…

What happened to the other 38 participants???

What was the difference between the ones who finished and the ones who didn’t?

We would love to hear from both sides?

Finishers: Describe your experience throughout the 100 days.

Why did you join the challenge in the first place?
Did your initial goals change throughout the 100 days?
What got you through the 100 days?
Looking back; what advice would you give to those on how to stick with it and finish?

The rest of you:

Why did you join the challenge in the first place?
How far did you get into the 100 days?
What did you learn from your experience with this challenge?
What would you have done different if you could go back in time?

3 Responses to “Buck Furpees…100 Day Burpee Challenge ReCap”

  1. The primary reason I joined the challenge was to prove to myself that I could stick with something as fun as burpees for 100 days. There were many times that I cursed at Garrett after day 70…but I am very glad I completed the challenge.

    If I ever do this again…which I highly doubt I will do…I will make sure to split up the burpees throughout the day towards the end of the challenge. There were many days when I got home from work/gym and still had all of my burpees to do.

    Congratulations to everyone for starting and finishing the challenge and proving to yourselves that you can get through any challenge put in front of you.

    Looking forward to the next challenge.


  2. Congrats to everyone that finished this challenge. Personally, I just wanted to see if I could do it. It wasn’t easy. Between work, family, traveling at times, etc, there were days I was doing burpees in hotel rooms and late at night. The people that I explained this challenge to (outside of the CF peeps), thought I was insane. After doing the challenge, I do agree you have to be a little crazy.

    When the burpees got up in the higher numbers, I made it into a “at home WOD” on my off days at CF. I would incorporate running, squats, situps, or whatever to it. Other days, I would do 10 burpees at different times throughout the day to break it up.

    On the last day of the burpee challenge when we did the 100 burpees during the WOD, I noticed the improvement with my burpees and have noticed more overall arm strength. Like it!

    I will be ready for the next challenge – well after the Nancy challenge is over. Have to see if I can conquer that thing first.

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