Fight Gone Bad 5 is HERE!

Here we go! Every Friday from now until September 25, we will be “Fight Gone Badding”. Today is the original, CrossFit original, classic, benchmark workout. The next 5 weeks at CFSF we will feature different versions of FGB that are pretty darn good!

Here’s the deal…
1. This event is truly about raising money for Livestrong (ahhh Lance Armstrong), Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation. To participate in the fundraiser (and our FINAL EVENT on September 25), please go to, get registered, and when you do, join the CrossFit Sioux Falls Team. You must raise a minimum of $150 to participate.

2. We’d love to have over 100 CFSF members participating this year… we’d also love to have your friends or family members who want to fundraise AND try the workout, participate. All they have to do is register as described above, raise $150, and attend a minimum of 2 of our Fight Gone Bad Friday workouts… their first is free, and the second costs our normal $20 drop in fee.

3. Whether you’ve done the Fight Gone Bad before, or not… this time of the year is REALLY awesome! The workout variations are hard (as you might expect) but really interesting… and will really prepare you for the final event on the 25th. This will be a event to remember!

So here’s an invitation – join us! Every Friday for the next 6 weeks… believe me, you won’t regret it!

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