The Top Ten Reasons Women Should Do CrossFit

I Found this on a CrossFit Tshirts…Thought all of the strong powerful Women of CrossFit Sioux Falls would appreciate this!!!!

10. Because weak and feminine are not the same.

9. Because you fear no challange

8. Because you should train like an athlete not a hamster.

7. Because you refuse to be a damsel in distress.

6. Because you don’t need machines… are the machine!

5. Because you have yet to realize your full physical potential

4. Because aerobics is sooo 1980’s.

3. Because that which does not kill you will only make you stronger

2. Because you’re willing to sweat, not just glisten.

1. Because there is just nothing cooler than a strong woman!

CrossFitters give us some of your reasons women should CrossFit………

11 Responses to “The Top Ten Reasons Women Should Do CrossFit”

  1. Because after a recent trip to Mayo clinic – I no longer have osteoporosis in my lower back!!!!!!!

  2. Because we’re not afraid to get our panties in a W.O.D. 🙂

  3. I want that t-shirt! Amy, you are so right!

  4. Angela H. Says:

    Because you focus on looking good, while we focus on being good.

    Because you can workout barefoot & even close to naked.

    here are some good ones for everybody (Shoreline CrossFit):

    they are some good ones that you should all read…#1 cracks me up!!!

  5. i want that tshirt!!

  6. Angela H. Says:

    We should get shirts made with that on there!!! Let me know and i’ll go get the quote on how much it will be. Would just need the number of shirts we would want.

  7. Holy Crap!!! love the t-shirt ideas!!! I WANT ONE!

  8. Because you can brag about your “snatch” and have it be socially acceptable.

    (sorry all… I had to do it!!)

  9. I like the t-shirt idea too!

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