“I have to go to get in ‘SHAPE’ before I start CrossFit”

Ali going for her 150th wall ball during the Karen WOD

Ok CFSF, how many times have you heard this?

You try to tell your friend how excited you are and you want them to try CrossFit…and they 1st comeback with…

“I have to go to get in ‘SHAPE’ before I start CrossFit”

I want you guys to answer this one before I do.

What do you say to your friend?

Post to comments.

9 Responses to ““I have to go to get in ‘SHAPE’ before I start CrossFit””

  1. Angela H. Says:

    Here’s what I tell them when they say “I have to get in shape before CrossFit”:
    I say: “That’s what CrossFit is for, to get you in the best shape of your life!!! Just go join the Box, give in one month and you will fall in love with it and never go back to a “regular” gym ever again!!!”

    so far it has worked and i’ve got a few people to join!!!

  2. I tell them “Um… you think I am in shape?” Typically it gets a good laugh and they are more interested. They are all quite astounded by how much I enjoy doing something that pushes me so hard, and I think because they have always been in better shape than me I am making them rise to the challenge!

    I hope to see a couple of my friends join-their excuse (and it is an excuse in my personal opinion) is the money… how much is your health worth?

    ❤ love you guys! See you tonight!


  3. don’t waste your time, crossfit is specially designed to fit everyones level of fitness and health needs. at least give it a try and deside from there. a lot of my friends still prefer to run on treadmills for hours or use ellipticals. I have a few a bit envious of my fast results though. lol maybe they will come to their senses soon. I too here a lot about $$$ being a big issue but the ones that complain about that are the ones that have been paying for their gym for a year or more and still look the same and feel slugish most of the time.

  4. Heather Fortin Says:

    Oh my gosh – these are my husbands exact words! I just look at him, roll my eyes, say “seriously” and walk away shaking my head. This approach hasn’t worked yet so maybe I’ll try some of those listed above:)

  5. Greg Nelson Says:

    I hear this often all from the guys I invite. It finally dawned on me a couple week ago after I had been at CF for 14 weeks and am almost certain it holds true for any average gym goer, “you cannot get in shape for Crossfit at any gym on your own”. In fact, even if you go to Crossfit for a super-long time, you may not be “in-shape” for Crossfit as it takes tremendous dedication, diet, skill and time. Yet, you will find success in Crossfit workouts as you can do things you have never done before in your life physically. Frankly some of the people at CF are in freaky unreal shape with strong muscles, massive lung capacity and big hearts…I do not know how you get that from a few sets of bench press with 4 minute rest in between, a set of 12 curls, some flashy mirrors to watch my form, and a cushy mat in the corner to work my abs.

    So, I tell my buddies now to change their attitude and just come because frankly if you want to come to Crossfit to be a rock star on day 1, it is not going to happen. In fact, you could get hurt. So, start realistic, by first showing up and committing to 12 weeks of which the initial 8 weeks will be somewhat survival and will not be all that fun yet very rewarding.

    In that initial 8 weeks find something that keeps you going, for me it was the warm-up. I figured since I had never never been to Crossfit and needed to get in shape for Crossfit, I best start with finishing the Warm-ups. Moreover, the warm-up was more than any gym workout I did in the previous 2 years so I if I did nothing else but survive the workout afterward, I figured I was way way ahead of any other workout option I had that day.

    I believe it is Mental Shape that holds people back the most versus the Physical Shape in starting Crossfit. It is easy to use physical reasons as an excuse but the reality is you may not be mentally ready. I myself needed to reconnect with my wife in any way possible, so I chose Crossfit so I could discover what she was so passionate about and have something, anything to talk about at dinner, bedtime, anytime. This also meant I had to suck up my pride, admit that I was just plain lazy, realize that my body was in terrible shape, humble myself knowing I would be worst in class. And even join a group of people I thought I did not really understand (hey, when you are in terrible shape it can be easier to call BS at some guy doing 100 pull-ups until you see it happen).

    If you have someone you really want to come to Crossfit that uses this excuse and you really want then to come, I would test their mental side because the reality is it is just an excuse and they know they will ever get in shape for Crossfit without doing Crossfit. They need a reason to come that may be greater than getting in shape. So far, my success rate at conversion is Zero but I hope to change that with psychiatry vs strenth I guess.

    And for anyone on the fence, I made it even physically. When I started 17 weeks ago I could do Zero double unders, Zero handstand push-ups, Never snatched, Never clean-and-jerked, Never “failed” or “finished last” so many times in my life…but today…well if you want to see, swing by the box and I will join ya 3x a week making strides 1 class at a time……….

  6. Hey this was a new post on a thread I have been following… funny how it coninsided so nicely with the CFSF Blog of the day-This woman has gone from 0-Hero and is a huge influence in my life with Primal/Paleo and CrossFit

    She did an interview regarding love for crossfit and here was one of the questions/responses:

    Q. What would you say to someone who says “I’m too weak or not in shape enough to try CrossFit?”

    A. Don’t be afraid of CrossFit. Your coach will scale the exercises to your level and you will begin to improve with dedication and persistence. My coach scaled my exercises in the beginning but then began to challenge me when he felt that I was ready. I loved that he believes in me and that helps me push beyond the limits.

    So ya-Thought I would share.

  7. I’ve heard people say that and I try to get them there to at least try it. I admit that I get pretty excited talking about my results and they see that along with how far I’ve come since last July and it peaks their interest. I tell them that if they give it just one chance, they’ll fall in love with it and how it will make them feel afterwards!

    I use to be a gym go-er and it didn’t get me where I wanted to be so I was “skeptical” when I was first told about CF as well but now I’m a firm believer!

  8. The truth…there is no level of “in shape” that will prepare you for Crossfit. I say come as you are….get better…..look better….feel better……and even have FUN!!!!!

  9. well …i smile politely & tell them about a certain fat, flabby momma of four kiddos whose husband works out of town every other week (knocking out most of their excuses in that one statement) that started CFSF nearly a year ago and how that same momma of four is no longer fat & flabby. i tell them how she noticed a difference in herself after just 2 workouts, how she’s lost 40lbs, how she’s doing things in the gym she never dreamt of & how it has changed her quality of life and that of her family …& that’s just the beginning. so far, it has worked well. 😉

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