Im NOT a Role Model…YES YOU ARE!

Nicky works hard, inspires others and always has a good time.

As the Paleo Challenge gets closer everyone has goals are on their mind.

I was talking with a Paleo Challenge participant about their goals yesterday and she had a problem…a good problem. She had hit all of her initial goals of losing weight and toning up when she started CF.

So my question to you is what happens when you achieve all of your initial goals when you started CrossFit?

What is the next set of goals?

How about the idea of being a role model for others. Think about everyone who is unhealthy in your life (family, kids, friends, co-workers…etc) Ever heard the term actions speak louder than words??? Being a role model for health and fitness is one of the most rewarding and powerful thing you can be for others.

Below was a very controversial commerical in the early 90’s about being a role model.

The best way to set an example is to BE the example.

One Response to “Im NOT a Role Model…YES YOU ARE!”

  1. That pic is great! Shiver me timbers…sea captain for a day! Now I just need to find my wooden leg…

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