Paleo Challenge Update: LAST DAY to Register TODAY

LD is ready the the Paleo Challenge. Are you???

The Mission of the PLC II to improve your health through whole food nutrition taking the principles from the Paleo Diet Lifestyle. This Challenge is created to ensure YOU build healthy HABITS that will not only last during the 7 week challenge, but for a LIFETIME!

Everyone in this challenge is the most dedicated, committed, and motivated people you will ever meet. You will meet people from all levels and walks of life. We are here to prove that anyone can succeed with the Paleo Diet and CrossFit.

The mantra of this Challenge is: You will get as much out of this as YOU put into this.

Always remember “Excellence is Earned, not given” Everything is set up for YOU to succeed. You will NEVER have as much accountability, support, education, resources at your fingertips over a 7 week period as you do now. USE IT!!!

Today is the LAST DAY to register for the Paleo Challenge.

Contact Chris, Annie or Mary to register.

Past Posts to bone up for the challenge:
Aug 27
Aug 24

SIDE NOTE: Chris Mello would like to wish his wife, Annie Mello a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Its been the best 3 years of my life. I am so happy for the past years we have spent, thrilled about the present with you, and ecstatic for our future together!

4 Responses to “Paleo Challenge Update: LAST DAY to Register TODAY”

  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Way to go!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Annie and Chris! Three years down and many more to look forward too! Hope you both have a great day!


  4. HAPPY Anniversary – here’s to a million more!! Stay happy!
    Love, Jackie

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