Paleo LEANing Challenge 2…Register NOW!

It is with great pleasure we officially announce the Paleo LEANing Challenge 2!

I can’t say enough how excited I am PLC 2! We had a tremendous amount of success with it the 1st time. This is the kind of challenge that will change your life literally! We often say people join CrossFit for the HARDCORE workouts, people don’t join CrossFit to follow a nutrition plan i.e. Paleo. But I will tell you this, when you decide to adopt a Paleo’ish Lifestyle to compliment your CrossFit training that is where literally the REAL Results happen.

To sign up is as easy as A, B, C:

A- Pay $30 CASH
B- Sign the PLC 2 Agreement sheet
C- Fill out the Pre Paleo Challenge Questionnaire

***Sign up with Chris, Annie or Mary***

Done! You’re in…don’t procrastinate we are holding only 50 spots. Last time we had 49 people do the challenge and that was in Jan when we had a lot less members.

Saturday Paleo class in Week 2 of PLC I

The Rules are simple:

-Take a before Picture (Sept 18). Men in shorts, Women in sports bra and workout shorts…don’t worry they are COMPLETELY confidential.
-Take an after picture (Nov 6). Wearing the exactly same attire.
-Complete a weekly food log online for the 7 weeks.
-Coaches will pick the top 3 men and the top 3 women as the finalist. The participants will vote on the Top Male and Top Female to WIN (the vote is strictly based on before and after pics, the camera doesn’t lie). The winners split the $$$. And the Winners receive a FREE UNLIMITED month membership.
-Every Saturday (1030a-1115a) there will be a PaleoHolics class to help educate, motivate, empower, support and hold you accountable. It is not mandatory you attend every class to win, but it is HIGHLY encouraged to help you.

To give you an idea of the POWER of this Challenge listen to the champs from the 1st one:

Kim Godes and Rob Sietsema had some BIG TIME Results

“When the Paleo Challenge was posted, I thought this is the jump start I need on eating right! From the beginning I quickly learned I had the wrong frame of mind with this minimal thinking. I was blown away by the support, the recipes, the input, and most important the way I felt! My mind and body were changing and I was starting to see results. FINALLY….RESULTS!!!! Why didn’t I do this years ago?!?!
Throughout the challenge, I learned so much! The Paleo book was VERY informative and gave me the facts that I needed to get started. But it was the emails, meetings, and food journaling that really fostered my success. I am so grateful for everyone who ventured on this “caveman” journey with me. I am excited to share what I have learned with my friends and family. Healthy eating is not just a “fad” for me anymore. It is now a way of life!
Thank you to CrossFit for help me to find my spark. After 9 months, I have lost weight, gained strength and confidence, and learned skills to help me feel and look better. And I am not done! The fire inside me is now burning bright and I do not plan on letting it die out! I am so excited to continue on the path of health and fitness. I am ready to take on new challenges and build my level of skill. Most importantly, I am ready to share my fire with others and help them to find their spark for success.”

Kim Godes 3/19/2010…PLC I Women’s Champion

I joined CrossFit as a part timer….three times a week. Chris gave me the low down on the Paleo diet and told me to read the book. I bought the book and set it on my night stand….didn’t pick it up again until January. You see, I felt that just by working out at CrossFit, that enabled me to be able to eat a pizza every weekend or have that Big Mac and Fries….holy hell was I dead wrong. Sure I kicked my bum those nights I worked out and I hurt like hell the next couple days, but without the nutrition to go along with it, I was running head long into a brick wall….going nowhere fast.
When the challenge was announced I thought to myself, “this is it, Rob!” God has presented me another tool. I picked up that book, read it, took notes, asked questions, participated and prepared in advance for the challenge. Then picture day happened. I thought, no way will I change my appearance in 7 weeks. Impossible, right? Not so, my friends….keep reading!
I worked my tail off. I upgraded my membership to unlimited. Kicked up my workouts full throttle. Tried new healthy foods. Attended every paleo meeting because I knew the information was crucial to my success…not to mention having others going through the same thing I was to bounce ideas off of. I fed on their successes….it fueled me to try harder, eat healthier, work through the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulder. It was worth it to me to keep at it because I was SEEING RESULTS! I was FEELING results! It is AMAZING! And best of all….it’s EASY! People I work with would comment on my appearance….asking me what I was doing and how they could incorporate it into their lives. I shared my knowledge and literature. I’d even let them try the food I was making. Share the love, I always say…

In just 6 short weeks, I’ve dropped a pant size. I’m losing inches! My belt is getting looser and looser every day. My shirts are fitting like they should and not with the buttons protruding. I was in hog heaven!

Rob Sietsema

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3 Responses to “Paleo LEANing Challenge 2…Register NOW!”

  1. Greg Nelson Says:

    Registered! With my vast knowledge of Paleo (I think it is like Weight Watchers meets Grizzly Bear Nutrition) I have a lot to learn. Luckily my “teammate” is a seasoned pro who can help he stay on target!

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