What is Your LEAST Fav CF Movement???

Group Renegade Row...OH NO

If I were going to ask you what your LEAST favorite CrossFit movement was, what would it be?

Oh and as a follow up to that, what does “least favorite” mean to you… most despised, hardest, inflicts the most pain, boring, just can’t do it, etc.??

For me…

Most Despised: Wall Ballz
Hardest: OH Squats/Snatches
Inflicts Most Pain: thrusters
Boring: Jumping Jacks…HA!
Just Can’t Do it: Handstands

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12 Responses to “What is Your LEAST Fav CF Movement???”

  1. Most Despised: Burpees (should be called puke-ees)
    Hardest: Anything on rings
    Inflicts Most Pain: Heavy front squats (but it’s a good pain) or bear crawl.
    Boring: Lateral Jumps, maybe?
    Just Can’t Do it: Pull-ups (hate ’em)

    But…I still love it all!

  2. Most Despised: burpees & rowing!
    Hardest: double unders
    Inflicts Most Pain: pullups
    Boring: handstand pushups (even though i love them)
    Just Can’t Do it: nothing… everything can be done at some level!

  3. Most despised: Burpees….ughhhhh!
    Hardest: Snatch
    Most pain: Day after front squats
    Boring: Row…am I getting anywhere yet???
    Can’t do it: Never say can’t….I will be able to do ring dips someday 🙂

  4. Dannielle Sherwood Says:

    Most despised: After today, Touch Jumps, I hate that yellow wall!!
    Hardest: Double Unders!!
    Inflicts Most Pain: Goblet Lunges
    Boring: Sit-ups
    Can’t do it: Muscle ups and those damn DU, I am too uncoordinated

  5. Least Favorite: Running………….
    Most Despised: Burpees
    Hardest: Pull-Ups (I fear the iron maiden)
    Inflicts Most Pain: Bear Crawls. These just hurt!
    Boring: Stretching (But Necessary)
    Just Can’t Do It: Muscle Ups “Some Day…they will be mine”

    Nobody said this was going to be easy…That’s CrossFit!

  6. Most despised- Wall ballz or burpees> lately cause my back I would rather throw the ball
    Hardest- anything with the bar- weight realted
    Inflicts the most pain- OHSQUATS or thruster
    Boring- nothing
    Can’t do it- ??? i always give it a shot – may not be pretty but I try.

  7. Most despised- Burpees
    Hardest – OH Squats and Rings
    Inflicts the most pain – Thrusters
    Boring – Sit ups
    Can’t do it – Muscle ups…I am hopeful that some day I will be able to.

  8. Most Despised – Wall Balls
    Hardest – Deadlifts
    Inflicts the most pain – any kind of Lunges (my glutes kill the next few days after)
    Boring – situps
    Can’t do it – There isn’t anything anybody or myself can’t do at some level (I agree with Jeri)

    Here are the things I absolutely love:
    OH Squats, Back Squats, Lunges, BURPEES, Box Jumps, Pull Ups, DU(one day i’ll be able to do them better!!!…i’m getting there slowy but surely)

  9. Most Despised: Wall Balls! UGH… they are the death of me every time.
    Hardest: Ring Dips
    Inflicts Most Pain: Pullups after around 85 when my hands start ripping
    Boring: Rowing
    Just Can’t Do it: Handstands without a wall for support… nope, nada, not happening.

  10. Most despised: running and burpees, it’s close b/w the two…
    Hardest: ring HSPU
    Most Painful: if it’s in a WOD and not just a heavy lift, it all hurts
    Boring: If you’re bored go somewhere else
    Just can’t do it: toes-to-bar…after about 3 it gets ugly in a hurry!

  11. most despised – box jumps
    hardest – OH squats
    inflicts the most pain – pullups
    boring – running
    can’t do it – handstands

  12. Most Despised: Turkish Getups and Front Squats
    Hardest: Pullups
    Inflicts the Most Pain: Box Jumps
    Boring: Kettle Bell Swings
    Can’t Do It: Handstands

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