My Gym…

Bet you dont see this at your old gym


A very cool video from CrossFit New England.

Anything to add about YOUR Gym???

Please do to the comments

7 Responses to “My Gym…”

  1. My gym is filled with people who I look at as my family. My gym challenges me and my coaches trust that I can do it even when I am not that sure!

  2. My Gym is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. My gym allows me to be me and to work hard, to grunt, and to sweat the whole while knowing nobody is judging me for doing so. My gym is a place I go to be inspired by others doing the same thing. My gym is a group of people that may not know each other well, but behave like family every day. My gym is one of my favorite places to be!

  3. My gym doesn’t allow me to “be a victim.” They push me harder when I complain and pick me up when I’m down. My gym is filled with amazingly strong (physically and mentally) people that help me strive for the same. My gym is filled with people that have become my friends and family!

  4. MY GYM….oh how I MISS YOU!!!!!

  5. My gym can beat up your dad’s gym

  6. Things I discovered on vacation.
    -My gym is a community that extends beyond the walls of a building, a particular city, state or even country
    -My gym can be in a playground, on a beach, or in a hotel.

  7. My gym… is full of great people that are all there for the same thing and continue to push each other to do more. My gym has trainers that know when I am unable to continue and if injured yell at me to stop. My gym is the greatest gym on the planet and nobody will take me away from it or the people I call friends and family.

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