What is Rx???

Carrie is Rockin her 1st Rx'D WOD

Prescribe (verb) – to lay down as a guide, direction, or rule of action.

The order of importance that was instilled into us at Level 1 Certification was proper technique and range of motion as the initial priority followed by adding load and intensity.

The saying “you must crawl before you walk” is never more true than in CrossFit. You must be proficient in the movement before you should attack the likes of “Diane” or “JT”.

As a trainer/coach I take a lot of pride when someone identifies a goal and I see them working on that movement in the warmup or after class is completed.

How many of you have seen FTS (aka Matty B) do pullups?

How long would you guess it took him working on butterfly pullups after class before he perfected his form?

Once or twice?

How about for several weeks pretty religiously…every single day??? He nailed it with his response in the previous post…it takes wrench time to reach your goals.

Having Rx behind your name on the whiteboard is a mark of honor. If you put in the time on technique and range of motion, you will see those initials behind your name on a more consistent basis. Wear that badge with pride…but make sure you earned it.

Check out this blog from Hyperfit USA from Ann Arbor, MI, and pay special attention to the topic of mechanics http://www.hyperfitusa.com/hyperfit_usa/2010/10/understanding-prescribed.html. If you didn’t catch Casey’s blog from last week and the subsequent response from FTS, scroll down and take a quick read. These 2 posts complement each other very well.

The last thing I want to address in this week’s edition is to cheer on your fellow CrossFitter. If you finish a WOD early and your neighbor is still battling to get done…throw some encouragement their way. You never know…that favor could be returned when your GOAT shows up and you need a little extra boost.

Make yourself better today!


3 Responses to “What is Rx???”

  1. Ahh yes, fun post. Thanks for the pull up love, but I will say it is true…I bit the bullet and literally spent time EVERYDAY I was at the box on getting those pull ups for 5-6 weeks. I started small and stuck with it. Now if I can smash a WOD with pull ups… F YA I did… I earned it in my mind, just like anyone else can. It’s not fun failing at something…and I didn’t WOD with them until I had them, but it was worth every rep.

    Really it’s the same with Rx’ing something, it’s one thing to throw on the weight just do it and it’s another to use weight that allows you to improve. CrossFit isn’t a sprint…why do you think your journal is so important? Don’t forget to compete with the “old you” first, that’s a victory that just never seems to get old.

    PR today…then do it again next time.

  2. Angela H. Says:

    Everytime I step into the box from now on I’m going to think of this post!!! Very inspirational!!! Thanks

  3. Greg Nelson Says:

    My take on the ol’ Rx at Crossfit —

    Rx has multiple connotations at Crossfit the 2 most basic being: one involving a whiteboard and pride, the other involving the words Avera or Sanford and the initials MD. By learning the proper techniques, you can actually Rx a workout without needing a Rx from Walgreen’s later in the day.

    If you watch the really good Cfers (do not watch me, ever) they all practice. They take the skill work seriously. They have good form. Their technique is precise. They gain flexibility. They attain strength through precision, repetition and dedication. Thus when it comes time for the WOD, the weights and maneuvers simply are not as heavy or hard for them for they better leverage strength and skilled technique to attain greater output thus superior times and achievements. They reap the rewards of their patient belief in greater gains over time.

    And for you select Rx CF Rockstars, I do watch you. I learn from you. I strive to gain that earned leverage. And, someday (though no loss of sleep necessary) we may be whiteboard companions. Or at least I too may be able to complete a WOD Rx with perfect form in a decent time and not feel like curling up in a fetal position with a blanket, water and remote control afterward.

    Coming up on 6 months in…the quitting after 12 weeks mindset sort fell out of mind altogether.

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