Why We Tabata

Brad is in the Tabata Zone

Tabata training was discovered by Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

Dr. Tabata discovered that this kind of interval training burns substantially more fat than aerobic training. On top of this four minutes of Tabata workout builds as much muscular endurance as forty five minutes of normal cardio training. In fact in the study the subjects increased their anaerobic capacity by over a quarter as well a substantial increase in their aerobic fitness. Something to keep in mind was that the the subjects were as fit as race horses before they started the trial, so the improvements were remarkable.

This makes it an very versatile program, you can use tabata for weight loss as well most improving performance in most aerobic and anaerobic sport.It will be the longest 4 minutes of your life but it will also be the most rewarding. Well at least if you survive it.

So why do we do it? Take a look:

a) Reduced body fat levels: Although Tabata training has been used for energy system work it was quickly found that it is a hugely effective way to strip fat from the body. The training is itself brief, but the knock on effects are increased calorie utilization through the day and more importantly, an increased rate of fat burning in the hours after training. While low intensity long duration work has you burning fat on the bike for say 45 minutes, Tabata causes you to increase the rate for fat burning for many hours after.

b) Ability to train: If Tabata teaches the mind and body one thing, it is the ability to increase intensity and maintain a lot of hard work; this is incredibly useful anyone looking to be in thier best shape possible, In my experience once a trainee has been exposed to Tabata they raise their game elsewhere in the weight room. Think you’re working hard on that final set of squats? Do a Tabata session and then think again.

c) Time pressure: Plans are all very good but they have to be able to fit into our hectic schedules. Tabata at anywhere between 3-7 minutes is just such a plan.

For those on the road traveling or working late mix in a Tabata.

Here is an idea: One full Tabata of Burpees and Situps, or Squats, Push Ups and Situps will be able to hold you over till your next WOD. Also check out the Tabata timer apps for your computer or cell phone.

By: Annie

2 Responses to “Why We Tabata”

  1. Liza Nelson Says:

    Tabata workouts are amazing for improving VO2 max and performance. For everyone in Endurance it is so exciting to see treadmills coming into the gym. This will give us the opportunity to do Tabata running and rowing workouts, I am so very excited about this. I love Tabata workouts because at the end you feel like you have totally given everything you have to that workout and you couldn’t go a second longer!!

  2. Laura "LD" Says:

    I LOVE tabata workouts!!!

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