Supp-le-ment Time

The Good Doctor says to eat your Fish Oils

As a gym owner and trainer for 9 years I have been hit up over and over about supplements. What works? What should I take? Etc. etc…

I am very very picky when it comes to a supplement that I would personally take, and even more so about a supplement that I would promote others to take.

Until recently, I have never found a fish oil that I have really liked. And everyone no matter if they do CrossFit or don’t even workout MUST take some form of fish oil for health, longevity and performance (especially if you do CF). So I have tried a bunch of different brands searching for that “one”oil I can hang my hat on.

My good friend and fellow CF athlete/coach, Kenny Kane, out in California introduced me to Stronger Faster Healthier ( ). SFH is a new company (and I believe) has some of the BEST products on the market (or I wouldn’t take them;-). They launched their company in March 2010 and are in over 50 CF boxes across the US, endorsed by CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football, and rapidly growing throughout the CF community.

Bottom line, I highly encourage to you to try them out and let the product speak for itself.

CFSF will be placing an order on Nov 4th next Thursday for anyone at the box that would like to take advantage of these products. If you place the order with us you will not have to pay the shipping that you would normally pay if you ordered it online for yourself (in SD the shipping is about $9 minimum)

Products that CFSF recommends:

-The Fish Oil (multiple flavors, honestly is easy to shallow and NO fish burps)
-Endurance Powder (for pre workout)
-Post Workout (for recovery after lifting and wods)
-Whey Protein (better than other whey proteins bc very very small amt of sugar)
-For a list of the other products check their site or ask us at the box.

3 Responses to “Supp-le-ment Time”

  1. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    For whatever its worth I’ve been taking this fish oil for a couple months now and have been very happy. Taste good and is some top shelf oil. The best thing is that 2 tsp has like 3500 mg of EPA/DHA which is like taking 10-12 pills (for the avg brands Ive seen).

  2. I love fish oils, I have noticed a huge difference in performance, sleep, and staying healthy and I really owe it to fishy’s!!!

  3. Liza Nelson Says:

    These products are absolutely amazing! I first tried the fish oil having seen it promoted on Crossfit Endurance I thought I would give it a try. After a week of taking the oil the swelling and hurt was gone from my foot and for all of you who know about all my foot junk that was amazing to me. I had not changed anything else that I had been doing except just adding this liquid fish oil. Everyone asks about the taste, I have the vanilla and it doesn’t really taste like anything it just smells a lot like vanilla. I would highly highly recommend everyone try this product at least give it a 1 month try you will totally be amazed!!

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