Paleo Challenge Recap”

“Paleo Challenge Recap”

Today marks the last day of the Paleo LEANing Challenge II. For the 7 weeks each participant has had a great opportunity to surround themselves with the most focused and dedicated group of people. Annie and I have seen some major changes in a ton of the participants and our very proud of everyone.

In the last 7 weeks:

-What have you learned about YOU and the Paleo lifestyle?

-What grade would you give yourself during the challenge?

-What do you know now that you wished you knew before the challenge?

-What were your initial goals when the challenge began? Did you achieve them? Did your goals change?

-Give us a synopsis of your journey through the challenge: the successes, setbacks, things you learned, like, disliked, etc…

Next Saturday at 1030a is the Vote. All of CFSF is encouraged to come check out the top 3 men and women and see the results for themselves.

6 Responses to “Paleo Challenge Recap””

  1. This 7 week “challenge” turned into my new lifestyle. I learned I have better discipline than I thought. I went into it actually trying to prove it wrong. When the 7 wks were up I was going to say “See, nothing different ,I can go back to my old ways of eating” WELL was I wrong! Things have really changed. Muscle is actually trying to peek through that layer of fat! My energy has gone up, no more 3pm dragging myself to the coffee shop. My goal of being a good role model will will just expand to more people in my life. I plan to challenge several of my siblings to try the one month that Rob has in the book. I was very lucky in the fact that my husband and daughter were right on board with me the whole time. I give myself an A+ since the only cheat I had was 4 milk duds at the theatre!! I know I will continue this and look forward to seeing even more results in the months to come!:) Thanks again CFSF. I am really looking forward to watching Chris do 100 wall balls..who knows as good as I feel I may even join him!

  2. Chris Mello Says:

    I have a 14# wall ball with your name on it Barb! Great job! You treated the past 7 wks as a true challenge and inspired many. CFSF is always here to support you with your new lifestyle.


  3. Not sure where to begin…I bought the first Paleo Diet book in October of 2009. I read it, but didn’t do it. I remember telling Chris that I wouldn’t know what to eat. What could I have for breakfast if I couldn’t have a huge bowl of cereal??? I tried eating Paleo in July but only made it a couple of weeks. Read the book again. I was more focused for this challenge. I made it to the end because of many reasons…support from family, support from CFSF, planning meals, packing lunches, willpower, and prayer. I really can’t say if I lost any weight because I don’t own a scale, but I do feel better and have more energy especially in the afternoon and my stomach may be slightly smaller. I am not going to lie, it isn’t always easy to eat paleo. It takes more time and planning to prepare fresh foods, than it does to open a box of processed food. I enjoyed trying new paleo foods and hope to continue the healthy lifestyle a majority of the time.

  4. Longest post ever! Sorry!

    What have you learned about YOU and the Paleo lifestyle?
    Me and the paleo lifestyle are good friends now. I learned that if you don’t buy it you can’t eat it. Don’t buy anything you shouldn’t eat and get rid of anything you shouldn’t eat. There is no reason to keep it. You won’t need it ever, no excuses.

    -What grade would you give yourself during the challenge?
    I would give myself an A- I worked really hard to stay on track. I slipped up some at night (early early morning). For the greater part of the challenge I cooked and then packed lunch and searched for recipes and learned the paleo lifestyle, not just enough to make it through the challenge but to keep and defend this eating style.

    -What do you know now that you wished you knew before the challenge?
    That it wouldn’t be as hard as it sounds to not eat pasta. Getting rid of the boxes of pasta, rice, tortillas and bread mix in my apt. seemed so hard. I really didin’t want to give it up. What if I’m going to need this some time? Nope! Just give it away. You can eat spicy italian food w/o pasta.

    -What were your initial goals when the challenge began? Did you achieve them? Did your goals change?
    My initial goals were to use paleo to make me better at CrossFit. I do not believe that it worked. I understand that I have come a long way in 6 months but I didn’t see a greater incline in my skills in the last 7 weeks. I have not added fish oil to my diet yet. I’m sure when I add this it will help.
    My goals stayed the same throughout. I have not figured out the schedule of when to use protein powder or eat this before a WOD and this after. Since I have the diet down I’m going to work on rearranging my meals around my WODs. Oh, yes, and to WIN!

    -Give us a synopsis of your journey through the challenge: the successes, setbacks, things you learned, like, disliked, etc…
    Overall, the “diet” was successful. I have dropped a physically noticeable amount of weight. (I haven’t weighed myself) I feel great. (Everybody says that but its true!) But the epiphany came when I was doing paleo without trying really really hard to do it. IEating the stir-fry w/o the rice, or the braut w/o the bun, eat more protein, pack fruit/veggies/nuts as a snack. These things became the habit instead of the challenge. Thats success. It is an amazing gift to know that eating paleo exists. Now that I know that I can be/live/eat like this I can never go back.

    I still remember the first day that I came to CrossFit and Chris told me about the paleo diet. “Your pant will literally fall off” he said if I did it. Riiight… 6 months later (now that I’m actaully eating paleo) my pants are falling off! Thank goodness for belts!

    Thank you to everybody who posted on the discussion boards and shared your stories, trials, and successes. This is not something I would have wanted to go into alone and it def. helped having all of you in it with me.

    Now, go enjoy your new hot bod!

  5. Crossfit,
    I loved the Paleo Challenge. When I first started eating Paleo in January of this year while at school in California, it was hard understanding everything. After much research, things started to click. Upon coming home and picking up at CFSF and seeing that there was a Challenge in September, I was so stoked. All forty-nine days were a blast. Yes, somedays were harder and that is when I induldged in sunbutter, larabarrs, nuts and fruit, but otherwise I had a gas doing this!

    I have learned that eating Paleo is what works for me because of these reasons: 1) I am 4’11 and naturally, have less room for weight. I cannot afford to carry extra fat because my body has nowhere extra to store all that nastiness. 2) My whole emotional outlook and personality changes when I am eating the way I was designed to eat which in turn allows me to be a better friend, saleswoman, daughter, and workout buddy. I want to be at my best everyday, regardless of what the day may bring and when eating Paleo, this works for me. 3) I love eating. Always have and always will and with Paleo, I never, ever have to worry if I am fat or “that cookie will go to my butt and my favorite pair of jeans will not fit.” Never once during the Paleo Challenge did I think to myself, “AI you so fat, you have to go work that off!” What a relief after years of battling my weight.

    As for my goals during the Challenge, I met most of them. I believe my biggest goal, which finally kicked in during day twenty, was to eat a vegetable at every meal. For the record, I hated veggies. I can pound down the fruit like no one’s business as I am sure we all can, but I really despised veggies. Day twenty came and went, and I knew that I was not seeing the progress I wanted and desired. After talking with Chris, I decided right then and there that the first twenty had been fun because of the fruit and now serious change had to occur. From that day forward, I ate a salad everyday for lunch. I loved every salad. In fact, I became giddy over my salads and often dove in around 11 A.M. because I could not take the suspense any longer. I am so excited that I now love carrots and peppers and the whole dang works! Plus veggies allow you to poop!!! I’m such a fan of a good healthy dump.

    My success in this Challenge is due to my parents. My mom has became my biggest cheerleader and the greatest Paleo cook. My dad has gone along for the ride and had a blast watching my mom and me transform. The biggest challenge for me during this whole shindig is that I entered corporate America, selling cars and of course in the office environment, there are always sweets. Thankfully, I am in a male dominated environment so most guys don’t crave goodies like us gals so there was not a plethora of food around; however, there were a few days when doughnuts and brownies made an appearance at work. During those days, I would go and look at the box and often pick one up, smell it and then think of the CF workout that would hate me if I ate that. Was that hard? Yes. A million times over. I even remember saying to my mom one night, “It wasn’t worth not eating that doughnut. I WANT IT NOW.” Yet, I know I can say no now. My resolve has been built, and I am grateful.

    Another goal was to have my skinny jeans fall off and while they have not fallen off yet, they are so much looser. My hips and thighs are smaller, and I feel like a million bucks when I put them on with my red high heels. Soon they will fall off, and I wait in anticipation for that day!

    I love eating healthy. I love eating Paleo because this is how I eat, and I am so sad the Challenge is over. When the next one comes around, I’ll be there to throw my money in the pot and lend support and also email my trials and triumphs along with everyone else!

    Thanks for the ride CFSF!


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