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We have MOVED – the Blog that is…

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All is being integrated into 1 complete site. Please visit us at

CrossFit Sioux Falls – Athlete of the Week

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CrossFit Sioux Falls Athlete of the Week - Jason Ricke

I can’t let camera malfunctions in our attempt to get the “in CrossFit action superman” photoshot hold this post off any longer, so with anticipation mounting….

Shout outs to Jason Ricke for AOW at CrossFit Sioux Falls.

(via Browny)…
The first time I saw Jason I was getting ready to coach an evening class. Casey was explaining the requirements for the baseline test. Soon after completing the baseline Jason had the look of complete exhaustion that we have all experienced…you know the feeling when you are looking around to find either the door or a trash can…just in case.

Since that first day Jason has worked extremely hard and completes the tasks in the WOD without excuses or complaints. His positive attitude is a great addition to the class and his potential for growth in CrossFit is limitless. He adopted better nutrition habits and has embraced the Paleo lifestyle. The hard work and dedication has helped him drop close to 20 pounds since starting just a few months ago.

Awesome work! Keep representing the 630pm crew, Jason!

Show him some love in the comments…

From Coat Hooks to Classes – Change is a GOOD Thing

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Morning Folks from Las Vegas!

“All the Change in the world will mean nothing if you yourself has no desire in changing.” Yeah I just came up with that piece of ingenuity.

While these 2 CHANGED positions at CFSF, they may also want to consider changing their glasses 😉

Building upon the amazing success of the past 2 years at CrossFit Sioux Falls, we entered 2011 with the desire to change a few things ourselves. Some cosmetic, some operationally, and many changes still in the works. With that in mind, I wanted to do a fast overview of what has changed already for those who are curious…(people of SF, old CFers, anyone)…

We are excited about the CFSF facility including…

1. Fresh appearance – matting wall to wall. New paint (red + black decor)
2. New equipment – we now have 8 rowers, 24 new olympic barbells (in addition to what remained), 20 new wall balls, 20 new jump ropes (yes they matter when you use em many days), many new plates, collars and other equipment we use everyday at the box.
3. New kids area – gated 😉 – we moved the kiddos back upstairs and it’s ready for your kids to have some fun.
4. New entry area to hang for just a bit – relax and share a story while doing your journal my friends.
5. Coat Hooks – 15 of them to be exact.
6. Programming starts a bit more defined – warm-up and skill are often lead as a group.

And though we are near completion on the facility for the time being, there is much more to come operationally and for you guys. (I will update this as new change hits)

7. This week we included ENDURANCE as an option with your normal WOD options.

And yet all of this leads me back to the top…All the Change in the world means nothing if you yourself have no desire in changing. And while millions voted just a couple years back for Hope and Change, I encourage you to take action on the latter and Change in 2011 with CFSF. Change your routine, your comfort zone, your commitment, your workouts, your health, your life and take it to the next level in 2011 as You Change with Us.

Best –
Greg Nelson
(returning to good ol SF in 3 hrs 😉

ENDURANCE now included with your CrossFit Membership – see details.

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From the BOSS…(yep, seriously)

Yes, that's a Rower. And, it's included in your Membership - see New CF ENDURANCE details.

I am so very excited to let you all know we have changed the Endurance program to allow everyone to participate for no extra charge. There is limited space available in these classes so it is very important that everyone signs in for class. Everyone should sign up for class on the main CrossFit workout page and not though the Endurance tab. (Note: please sign-up for ALL CrossFit classes such that we can best prepare for all of you)

Just like CrossFit WODs, every Endurance WOD can also be scaled to accommodate every fitness level so Do Not be afraid to come to jump in. Endurance classes consist of running, rowing and jumping rope along with some additional body weight skills such as burpees, pushups, and sit-ups.

If you have any additional questions about the program or signing in please feel free get ahold of me (literally, just don’t strangle ;). Endurance is just another piece to the CrossFit puzzle and I am very excited that everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from the class. Below is more information and may help with any questions or concerns you may have!

CrossFit ENDURANCE Classes added to normal CFSF membership. Here is how it works…

1. How do I sign up for CrossFit ENDURANCE classes?
You can now sign up for CrossFit ENDURANCE under the normal CrossFit class schedule. Do Not use the Endurance Tab (that is going away). PLEASE though – Sign Up in Advance for ENDURANCE just as we do for ALL CF WODs.

2. How will I be charged for CrossFit ENDURANCE?
CrossFit ENDURANCE classes will count just like a normal CrossFit class does under your membership. If you are a part-timer 12x monthly, you can select between Endurance and CrossFit WODs as desired. If you are unlimited, you can choose up to 3 Endurance WODs a week to compliment your unlimited number of CrossFit WODs.

3. Holy cow that is a good deal…can I just CrossFit all day now?
We…No. Though you can come to 2 classes in 1 day, you must have 3 hours rest in between classes. This is nothing new and in order to get the most out of both your CrossFit WOD and your Endurance WOD your body needs at least a 3 hour rest.

4. What is the best way to take advantage of this change in scheduling?
It is encouraged that you upgrade your membership to Unlimited Membership and thus can take advantage of the best mix of CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, and Endurance. An ideal schedule would have 2 CrossFit workouts for every 1 ENDURANCE workout.
Listen to your body, you will know.

5. Ok, so I purchased both before you added this new cool benefit. Can I get my money back?
No and Yes – please read. So, you are a part-times…no you do not get money back. But have no fear, you still have the credits until they expire or are used as would have been normal. When the credits are used, you will then have the option of going unlimited or staying part-time (12x).
If you do have an issue with billing, please visit with us and we will get it resolved – yes, in the 1st month transition there could be a hic-up or 2 (no more we hope). If you were Unlimited already and still have credits, come in and visit with us. We will adjust the amount outstanding to your next month and make it all good. YOU have to come and see us though and we will fix it all up – it’s that easy, we just need ya to stop in.

Let’s kick off the New Year right and not only build strength but build our endurance also. Get in today for an Endurance WOD — Fargo Marathon anyone?

By Liza Nelson (with 1-2 Greg edits 😉

Programming – We Plan with YOU in Mind.

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With all of the changes going on around CFSF, it’s important that everyone knows what’s happening when it comes to the programming. I get many questions and comments about this subject (and I know many questions and comments float around that I don’t hear) so let me take this chance to clear the air so that we can all be on the same page.

First, I feel like the word ‘programming’ is thrown around quite a bit with regard to planning the WODs. My strength and conditioning background has taught me that an exercise program is written to address the goals and needs of a person or group of people. A program is a plan to systematically progress toward those goals and needs. Making a program for a few athletes with the same goals and needs is easy; making a program for 150+ people of varied fitness levels, ages, wants, and needs is a totally different beast. So, what exactly is our goal here? Do we want to build cardiovascular capacity? Yes. Do we want to build strength and power? Yes. Balance and coordination? You bet!

I have three main goals to fulfill when putting things together for ya’ll.

1: The program should be broad, general, and inclusive. Expect to run, jump, lift, throw, swing, and insert any verb you can think. Also expect to work in a variety of time domains. By this I mean metcons/WODs of all different lengths; mostly 15-25 minutes in length (intense), some less than 15 (very intense), and some up to 35 (somewhat intense). By utilizing constant variation in choosing movements/exercise modalities, we as coaches will be constantly teaching and you as athletes constantly learning, which leads into my next goal…

2: Every day, you should leave feeling accomplished. Whether this means doing your very first pull up, making a heavy lift, or pushing your body further than you ever thought you could. Every workout has a specific goal, a bit of instruction or practice to help you reach it, and a warm up planned to prepare your body for the movements and demands about to be placed on it.

3: Safety. This one is obvious. Goals 1 and 2 pertain to effectiveness. Yes, this program will improve your fitness, but it also needs to guarantee that you can be fit tomorrow, in two weeks, ten years, and beyond. Many people believe that in order to get more fit, you need to do more and go harder every single day. In reality, though, your body can only withstand so much pounding before it breaks. With smart planning we can avoid overuse injuries and mental/physical burnout. This is done by making sure there is a balance of movements (pushes, pulls, squats, etc) and volume (sets and reps), everything fits! The other side of the whole safety thing is in the coaching. Leading a solid warm up, teaching proper technique, and scaling as needed are important parts of our job.

As a coaching staff we’re putting a lot of emphasis on this stuff because it’s essentially the reason we’re all here. Each day is carefully planned out to meet a specific goal. Each week is laid out to build upon the week before, and then checked, revised, and changed several times to ensure balance and that it provides a wide assortment of challenges and opportunities. All of the coaches also have input, so there’s sort of a system of checks and balances, keeping everything as broad, general, and inclusive as possible.

If there are any ever questions, comments, or concerns on the program, PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact me by email: It’s your membership, your money, your fitness, you should be informed in how it’s developed. I also have no problem with sitting down and setting up an individual plan with somebody, you need only ask. Keep working hard!

Casey Mouw
Lead Trainer, CrossFit Sioux Falls

Athlete of the Week – Special Edition

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Hey Fitters! There’s a lot going on at CrossFit Sioux Falls these days and many people who deserve some recognition for all their accomplishments. As a result, I have a combined Athlete of the Week post that highlights a few special people and gives you just a small glimpse of their Awesomeness!

Up first…the Silent Assassin…

Brent Carr CrossFit Sioux Falls

Brent Carr from CrossFit Sioux Falls

Brent Carr – CrossFit Total
Last Friday, Brent Carr smashed his own PR’s and went on to set the CrossFit Total overall weight lead with a combined 1045 lbs. In the words of a competitor and friend in the competition “other than being a f-ing Ox, don’t know what to say. Just a great example of being dedicated and letting hard work make a man freaky strong. Nicest guy in the world as well.”

I have come to know Brent over the past weeks and echo those same comments. His positive attitude, willingness to help others and dedication to CrossFit and himself are a great example for others.
Brent, thanks for all you contribute to the CFSF community and we look forward to seeing you take those PR’s continuously higher. Get after it!

Onward….the TEAM…

CrossFit Sioux Falls work in progress made possible by the following team...

Casey Mouw, Michael Brownfield, Matt Byers, Liza Nelson – CrossFit Construction

You all know these guys as your trainers, friends, mentors, and leaders at CrossFit Sioux Falls. What you may not know is starting Friday at 5pm (New Years Eve) through 14 hours on New Years Day and another 10 hours on Sunday these guys Got after It – transforming CrossFit to be ready for our Monday re-launch. In total, we spent 33 hours together as a team.

I could not be more proud to have these guys on our team. Here are just a few reasons why – giving [did I mention they gave up 33 of roughly 48 hours over the New Years weekend], dedication [we could have just painted and laid mats in a hurry, but to do them the absolute best possible way takes time], friendship [Lonestar made for a great New Year’s meal I will not forget]. If you take note, the exact same qualities they give to our members everyday to make them better; they gave us all the same this past weekend as the CrossFit Construction crew.

The culmination for all of us came when members showed up in volume to wrap up and help put the finishing touches on for Monday, but when I left the building Sunday night at 8pm to get my kids home, I turned around one last time and could only smile at the 4 people that remained…Casey, Browny, MattyB and Liza…filling in a white board making sure 5:30 am would be a hit for all of you!
Thank you all for what you give to everyone at CFSF!

…the finale…the Dynamic Duo…

Chris and Annie Mello show off their CFSF picture.

Chris and Annie Mello – CrossFit Sioux Falls

For 2 years this couple dedicated their hearts and passion to launch CrossFit Sioux Falls and turn it into something special. They have changed lives, transformed bodies and built a business and community of which I am proud to be involved.

For many WOD’s I would personally check out the board and see Annie’s time and know to at least double it to get near my finish time. Typically, I failed even at that 2x goal. And the times we did class together, if the workout was 3 rounds, typically by the start of my 2nd round she was done and on to help coaching us remaining athletes.

It took 104 weeks for them to finally make it to Athlete of the Week 😉 but as they transition on to new ventures in their return home to Los Angeles, we wish them all the best and continued success!

…and wrap-up…

So there you have it – AOW Special Edition comes to an end. And as we close, give these Athletes some appreciation for their accomplishments. Post a comment, give ‘em a fist, heck toss a bearhug if you want…just do something show them all how much we appreciate them at CrossFit Sioux Falls!

As for the AOW parking space – to keep you all from crashing into each other or bringing your monster truck to park on top of the other guy, Brent Carr…it’s yours for your AOW CrossFit Total accomplishment – nice work!

New Year, New Venture – New Owner of CrossFit Sioux Falls

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CrossFit Sioux Falls

A dedicated effort by many adds a new look and feel to the box.

In a transaction, led by Liza’s passion for all that is CrossFit, a trainer who believed in our plan, a couple who desired to return home and timing which created the perfect scenario, I am proud to welcome in 2011 with my wife, Liza as the new owner of CrossFit Sioux Falls.

I must start by saying thanks to Chris and Annie Mello, the founders of CrossFit Sioux Falls for all of their hard work, dedication, and passion that built this business from zero to strong in 2 years. In my eyes, Chris really did beat the odds in Sioux Falls fitness. Their accomplishments speak for themselves. Moreover, through the entire transition process both Chris and Annie have been phenomenal.

In the past 3 days we have spent over 30 hours with many people, but in particular 3 very dedicated trainers, Casey, Browny and MattyB who spent every hour of that time revamping CrossFit Sioux Falls to get it ready for everyone. I will not forget this time spent with these guys and the effort to make it all happen. Also to the many who showed up Sunday, thank you. I am grateful that people dedicated their free time to make this all happen.

As for what’s new…we took all that was original CrossFit and have added to it. More equipment, a fresh feel inside, new kids area coming and more – come in and check it out. As for what’s staying, remaining unchanged…all the best stuff – the highly skilled, certified and passionate training staff. Casey is on full-time. Browny, MattyB and Cody are dedicating their skills to make you better. Liza is on full-time. It is an amazing assembly of talent that cares about not only your fitness but your life.

Many more changes are in the works and some may take a bit of time. In the meantime, I will assure you the best opportunity to get a great workout with the most qualified training staff in Sioux Falls.

So, as I start 2011 as a blessed Dad and husband of a woman following her dreams, I challenge you to make positive, proactive change in your life. Whether it be CrossFit or some other passion you finally activate, do something!

I am anxious to see what 2011 has in store for all of you and all who CrossFit Sioux Falls!

What NEW will YOU DO in 2011? Get after it!

—Greg Nelson

P.S. Check back this week for a special Athlete of the Week. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Paleo Challenge Recap”

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“Paleo Challenge Recap”

Today marks the last day of the Paleo LEANing Challenge II. For the 7 weeks each participant has had a great opportunity to surround themselves with the most focused and dedicated group of people. Annie and I have seen some major changes in a ton of the participants and our very proud of everyone.

In the last 7 weeks:

-What have you learned about YOU and the Paleo lifestyle?

-What grade would you give yourself during the challenge?

-What do you know now that you wished you knew before the challenge?

-What were your initial goals when the challenge began? Did you achieve them? Did your goals change?

-Give us a synopsis of your journey through the challenge: the successes, setbacks, things you learned, like, disliked, etc…

Next Saturday at 1030a is the Vote. All of CFSF is encouraged to come check out the top 3 men and women and see the results for themselves.

Supp-le-ment Time

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The Good Doctor says to eat your Fish Oils

As a gym owner and trainer for 9 years I have been hit up over and over about supplements. What works? What should I take? Etc. etc…

I am very very picky when it comes to a supplement that I would personally take, and even more so about a supplement that I would promote others to take.

Until recently, I have never found a fish oil that I have really liked. And everyone no matter if they do CrossFit or don’t even workout MUST take some form of fish oil for health, longevity and performance (especially if you do CF). So I have tried a bunch of different brands searching for that “one”oil I can hang my hat on.

My good friend and fellow CF athlete/coach, Kenny Kane, out in California introduced me to Stronger Faster Healthier ( ). SFH is a new company (and I believe) has some of the BEST products on the market (or I wouldn’t take them;-). They launched their company in March 2010 and are in over 50 CF boxes across the US, endorsed by CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football, and rapidly growing throughout the CF community.

Bottom line, I highly encourage to you to try them out and let the product speak for itself.

CFSF will be placing an order on Nov 4th next Thursday for anyone at the box that would like to take advantage of these products. If you place the order with us you will not have to pay the shipping that you would normally pay if you ordered it online for yourself (in SD the shipping is about $9 minimum)

Products that CFSF recommends:

-The Fish Oil (multiple flavors, honestly is easy to shallow and NO fish burps)
-Endurance Powder (for pre workout)
-Post Workout (for recovery after lifting and wods)
-Whey Protein (better than other whey proteins bc very very small amt of sugar)
-For a list of the other products check their site or ask us at the box.

What exactly is CrossFit???

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Dave Werner of Level 4 CrossFit in Seattle Washington (2nd affiliate in CrossFit), has created a tremendous CrossFit following.

He created a program called Athletic Skill Levels (check it out) go to, and made this video explaining the question …. What is CrossFit?

What is your definition of CrossFit?