Who is your CrossFit Sioux Falls CheerLeader???

Its a bird, its a plane, NO...its LDs CF CheerLeader Perry!!!

Okay everyone…they are out there. Could be a family member, a co-worker, your neighbor, a friend of a friend…

Who is your CrossFit Sioux Falls CheerLeader?

Tell us about them:

-Do they support your CF efforts? How?
-Do they talk how they are going to start soon??? And they don’t.
-Do they NOT support you? (Sometimes, believe it or not, they DONT support you) Why don’t they?
-Were you a former CF CheerLeader and now you have seen the light? How did you do it?

Sound off CFSF. Paint us a picture:-)

6 Responses to “Who is your CrossFit Sioux Falls CheerLeader???”

  1. Laura LD DeHaan Says:

    Well now all of you know who my biggest cheerleader is 😉 Perry is the one that will tell me to get my butt to crossfit when I don’t feel like it. He is always telling me how far I’ve come since joining crossfit, how much stonger physically and mentally I am now.

    But Perry…… it’s time for you to drink the kool aid!!! It’s time for you to see what crossfit is really about! Time to get rid of the cheerleading skirt and pom-poms. You will be glad you did!

    We are such a tight knit group at crossfit that we are all cheerleaders to other members. We want to see everyone succeed in the wods. You won’t get that at globo gym people!!

  2. I don’t think I have a cheerleader outside of the gym. If anything, my sister and my mom are anti-cheerleaders. They don’t seem to understand why I want to work out. Now inside of the gym…. there are cheerleaders everywhere, and that’s all I need. Once I’m in the door, the support is everywhere.

    And btw… Perry……….. drink the kool-aid. Guys don’t usually look good in skirts… even if it is a camouflauge one. 🙂

  3. I’ve learned that if I’m going to get through the WOD with some dignity, I need to be my own cheerleader. However, on days that I can’t “see the light”, motivating neighbors, coaches, and music (e.g., Rage Against the Machine, Eminem) are invaluable! Thanks for all you do, CFSF! =)

  4. Greg Nelson Says:

    Cheerleaders…here are just a few to get ya through…

    1. 17 minutes into a WOD I hear the “Whoop” of JH 😉 Sometimes 2x. You know 2 things…its getting dang tough and yet the end is somewhere in sight.

    2. By the end of the WOD I have many cheerleaders…they are all journaling, talking about tomorrow, walking out the door, oh well…they still shout out encouragement.

    3. Eminem. Yep…Eminem.

    4. A little bit of dancing. Bottoms up, bottoms up.

    5. The time clock. It cheers me on. Or at least taunts me.

    6. Muted swearing. Self cheer. Heck, this stuff is exhausting… exhaustion must fuel muted swearing.

    7. My wife. I think she cheers for me. Maybe.

    8. JF – he works for me – and I know he checks in here every now and then. Plus he listens to me and he paid me $50 for winning our first to under 210 challenge. A 2-yr challenge neither of us ever expected to win.

    9. Compliments. People don’t always know how to say them right but even a “dang you look skinny” works I guess. But, c’mon people…how about “wow, did you get in shape” 😉

    10. So many … its the little things that often make the biggest impact. Frankly I am self motivated. I cheer myself on. The first handstand kick-up, first double-under, first pull-up, first X, first Y, first Z…now all these first start to get to double figures…frankly you do not need someone else to tell you how great that feels.

    And if I ever get a muscle-up…yeah you will all know it baby…

    Cheer On!

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  6. Stacey T is definitely my cheerleader! After all, if it wasn’t for her I probably still wouldn’t be working out at the box. She continued to tell me about the WODs and assured me that I would like them (said they would be the change I was looking for). If we don’t workout together, we end up calling each other and talking about the WOD later that day. Her enthusiasm (along with the rest of the 9:30 crew) is what keeps me going. I’m loving it and am continually telling others how great CF is for me!

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