Your CFSF Nay-Sayers

Last week was about your CFSF CheerLeaders. Now lets flip it around…

I was talking with a CFSF Rockstar recently, his nickname at the box is the “Mayor” aka Jason Van Ruler.

A little history on the Mayor: He started his CF journey Feb 2010 and has officially lost 50LBS!…to repeat, “HE HAS LOST 50LBS!”. He was in the Top 3 of our Paleo Challenge II. He has consistently showed up to the box 3x a week since Feb and most of those are POWER 1/2 Hour classes. So with a little time per week, lots of effort and having a great attitude, “HE HAS LOST 50LBS!”. It has also improved all other aspects of his life, he is more: motivated, happy, healthy, less pain, more energy, etc…

This being said, every time he meets important people in his life they still give him grief:

Person X: Mannn you look great Jason!
Mayor: Thanks! I feel great.
Person X: What have you been doing?
Mayor: I’m doing CrossFit. And I have lost over 50lbs.
Person X: Wow that’s great. What is up with your hands?
Mayor: We did a crazy Pullup-Thruster workout and my calluses ripped and bled everywhere. I have been SORE all week!
Person: X: You got to stop going there! They are ‘hurting’ you! That can’t be good for your body!?
Mayor: What are you talking about? You JUST said how great I look???
Person X: No one’s hands should look like that and you should never be SORE for that long.
Mayor: huh???

They are out there, we all have them. The people in your life (family or close friends) that just don’t get it (CF):

What do they tell you?

Any funny stories?

How do you respond to them?

How do you deal with them?

CFSF veterans what would you tell a fellow newbie CF’er?

Newbie’s, do you struggle with the ‘nay-sayers’ in your life?

Post to comments.

Did I mention the Mayor has LOST 50! Great job my man!

4 Responses to “Your CFSF Nay-Sayers”

  1. OMG! That is so funny. I just got into an argument with my mom last night about my eating. Where do I begin… Why I don’t drink milk, I need calcium for my bones. Why I have to buy organic food all the time. Why I don’t eat normal food for breakfast. How it freaked her out last time I ate chicken, carrots, and asparagus(dinner from the night before) for breakfast. That I don’t eat enough fat when I really eat bacon and sausage for breakfast alot. How she thinks I’ve gone off the deep end! :)The list goes on and on but she has no proof to back up why she thinks I should do otherwise. It’s a losing battle but one I won’t give in to!!

  2. This is so my life! I spend SOOOOO much time convince my family, friends, and husband that Crossfit is the way to go! I have lost weight, inches, and gained strength. Plus I have made a lot of friends and have gained knowledge on fitness and eating. I have a REALLY hard time finding the BAD! The funny part of this the I have noticed the people who are the biggest ANti Crossfit are ALWAYS looking for the new quick fix! (Currently it is Insanity!) Guess what people….there is no quick fix. You have to work hard to see results. That is why Crossfit works!

  3. Amy "AMac" Says:

    No one truly understands unless they go to crossfit. I used to have a personal trainer and chuckle at the things I used to “pay” someone to help me do compared to now. My family doesn’t get it. My mom is so worried about me hurting myself, “you shouldn’t do that to your body.” She actually told me once that she didn’t understand why I was doing all this because when I quit I am just going to get “soft”. Ugh the point is to not quit I told her. I am so thankful for all I have learned and being with the people that truly get it.

  4. Greg Nelson Says:

    Less than 1 year ago, I was “indifferent” to CrossFit. I would not call it negative, but definitely “indifferent” and at the time, it was not for me. This exact attitude came off to my wife as unsupportive…I guess on the coin of this post a “Nay-sayer”. Fact of the matter is I did not care, did not care to care, but people out there, take note of this…it is very important and may keep you out of counseling…

    If you are not supportive, even if you claim neutral…it is the same as being unsupportive. You are either FOR or AGAINST.

    To the person you love the most whether wife, husband, dog, friend, cat, dad, mom, whoever is most important to you…there is no “neutral” you are either forward (supportive) or backward (neutral or unsupportive it does not matter). So, as “neutral” was leading me toward counseling (and I know how much that costs), I took a a blunt kick in the head with my own size 13 and figured…$300 bucks for 3 months of CrossFit to straighten this out, it’s better than some 55-yr old lady trying to work on my head. Plus if I get in shape…bonus!

    Fast-forward and the people I hang with, my friends may chuckle at the weird food alterations that became normal but if you stay with it, the Nay-sayers disappear. Over time they too either try changes or they remain status quo while you shed pounds, gain energy you thought was lost forever, do physical activity that before was impossible, have your constant backache gone because your back became strong, your knees do not hurt because they too became strong.

    If you stay with the program, people watch. Slowly, they too want some of it. And if they have a drop of motivation left in their body and a hint of curiosity and belief that it could work for them too, then they start minor conformation. It may not be CrossFit, but they do something. They want some of you. They may not want CrossFit, but they want some of you!

    Here is CrossFit in real life – you cannot NaySay this stuff – it was today.

    I have been a Crossfitter for 8 months now. I have approximately 100 hours of WODs in – that means I have stepped in the door 100 times in 8 months. Today I went snowboarding for 3 hours straight. It was the first time in over 10-years I have not wrapped my knee with bandages for support. The carving was effortless. Frankly, for some 34-yr old dad…well lets not stretch it, but I did pretty dang good. In fact, the terrain park actually looked feasible…so much so I rode through it 2x just to check out the height of the jumps and how hard the landing would be (yeah, I planned on wrecking). BUT, can I do it? I know I need a helmet…but if I go out and buy one, watch out Crash Holly.

    People have many excuses for staying the same. It takes heart to change your life. It takes dedication. It takes doing something. And when you do, you gain it all back many times over later on. CrossFit is just one of many ways to change your life, but it may be the one that works for you.

    What’s holding you back? Or, is it WHO.

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