The 1st 10lbs…

No dropping the KB or its Burpee Penatly AK!!!

The Holiday Season is filled with fun, family, food and festivities. It is personally one of my favorite times of the year. The problem is most people have TOO MUCH FUN:-0 From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day the average American will gain over 10 lbs, and it’s NOT muscle, if you know what I mean.

Lets flip the topic around (you know how I love to do that:-) about when someone starts CF.

Some people lose 20lbs. Some People Gain 5lbs. Some are REALLY SORE. Some people aren’t as sore. Everyone is different. We all come from different backgrounds, lifestyles, have different genetic makeup. We all bring our strengths and weaknesses to the table when we begin.

Bottom line we improve and we get FITTER! Nobody gets Fatter! We get faster, stronger, more flexible, better stamina, energy, etc…CrossFit WORKS and soon enough we all do to by sticking to the program.

Tell us about your experience physically and mentally when you started CF to where you are now.

Below is a great blog post about “The First 10lbs” describing how weight on the scale is NOT the only and best measure of FITness.

Read the FULL article at: CrossFit Epiphany

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7 Responses to “The 1st 10lbs…”

  1. Is this the blog where we talk about how “I was SO sore that sitting on the toilet was a challenge?”!

  2. I was extremely sore the first couple of weeks, but it slowly got better and better each time I went to CrossFit. I pretty much felt like the way I look in that picture:) Even though I felt better physically, it took me a few months to notice any major changes with my weight/body composition, and I remember feeling a little discouraged. Once I started doing Paleo, I definitely noticed positive changes.

    When I started CF, I was in the worst shape of my life, and I hated my job. Now, I am much stronger (I still have a long ways to go though!), and I am going back to school which is something I never thought I would do. I still struggle with the mental aspect of some of the WODs but that is just something I need to keep working on, so it is good that I have the burpee rule:)

  3. I was incredibly sore the first four to six weeks. I was not sleeping well at night and noticed an increase in my appetite right away. I had no idea how important water consumption was! Fast forward four months and I’m feeling really good. I’m a stronger person and excited about where CF is taking me!

  4. Starting CFSF all began with C.Mello saying “WHAT TOOK YOU SOOOO LONG?” At first I was hesitant on why I chose to walk in those doors the 1st month because I didn’t see any results. Here I am 8 months later and I have definition in my arms, legs and abs that I never believed was achieveable!!!
    I agree with KG on this…I still every once an awhile struggle to sit and stand up from the toilet and even when climing stairs, but it is the greatest hurting feeling in the world because I look at my own results and think “I don’t care if it hurts to sit or climb I am still going to walk in that CF door every morning that I go.

    The other morning at work(@ the new Hy-Vee on 10th & Kiwanis) I was putting something together and one of the construction workers came up to me and said you better get some gloves for your hands so you don’t ruin them…that’s when I dropped the screwdriver and flipped my hands over and said “they are already ruined from the HARDWORK I do every morning at CrossFit”, which after showing him that it has been a week and he is scared of me because I told him all of the stuff I do at CFSF and he said I could probably kick his butt because he isn’t strong. YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! it has paid off!!! THANKS CFSF!!!

  5. One word… BELBOWS.

  6. My proud moment was when, going through the airport security, the man who was doing my scan, saw my hands and said, “you must lift weights…” Yeah, baby, I do!!!

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