Best WODs of 2010

Remember the "Stop the War in MYRack"

2010 has brought us lots of WODs, sweat, blood, tears, curse words, scars, etc…

Which ones are your…

Most Fav?

Most Memorable?


Most inspiring?

Holiday Schedule this Week:

Monday-Thursday: Regular Class Schedule
Friday: 830a and 930a classes are partner WODs. 930a class has daycare. Noon class is the CF Total
Saturday (Jan 1st): We are closed

11 Responses to “Best WODs of 2010”

  1. Most fav and hardest is the “Murph You” WOD 😀

  2. I like Angie- and filthy fifty!! Chippers / all body weight stuff is fun for me … .squat push up pull ups DU’s lunges etc.

    I was not a fan of a wod where we did like a million snatches with the bar-or OH squats… basically wods with bar isnt up my alley unless its a front squat !

  3. Most memorable WOD was the last one I had before surgery…I went into it with a throbbing shoulder, soar arm, numb hand.

    AMRAP 10 min? I think….
    10 One-Arm KB Swings
    10 Sit-ups
    10 Pushups

    I killed it.

    My worst WOD….the day I came back after 3 months of recovery. I cried halfway through.

  4. My favorite WOD was a partner one that I did with BHolt. It was 30 minutes, and every three minutes there was a different “exercise”. While one person did the exercise, the other person ran. The goal was to get as many reps as possible as a team.

    My least favorite WOD was one that consisted of only burpees.

  5. Laura LD DeHaan Says:

    I love all saturday partner wods. Doesn’t matter what we do, it’s always more fun or bearable with a partner. I also loved the breast cancer run, that would probably be my most inspiring 🙂 my most hated would have to be anything with lots of pullups or burpees!! Most memorable would be the nancy challenge 1st time around- seriously thought I was gonna die, stroke out or have a heart attack…. All in all there is something fun, hated, memerable and inspiring about every wod we do and that is why I love cross fit!!

  6. My most favorite is the same one as Amy… the one where we changed exercises every 3 min and the partner had to run. That WOD went so fast for being 30 min long. The hardest one I’ve ever done is probably Eva. Swinging a 55 lb KB is rather challengeing, not to mention the running, which I still dislike. I also tend to like any WOD where we use a barbell (cleans, snatches NOT thrusters!!). I also dislike the 150 WallBall WOD… I dislike 10 Wallballs, so 150 is torture to me! LOL

  7. I agree with TK and Amy about the WOD where we switched exercises every three minutes. TK was my partner and we killed it, or how about the one where we did box jumps and med ball cleans we rocked that one as well with 26 rounds together!!!
    I am a huge fan of anything with OH SQUATS, BACK SQUATS AND FRONT SQUATS.
    Also thanks to CMello I’m loving Pullups.
    Thanks to Casey I love anything with HANDSTANDS!!!
    This year brought me to do 5 races:
    Avera Breast Cancer 5K
    Sioux Falls Half Marathon
    Sioux Falls Trick or Treat 5K
    Living History Farms Race(a 7 mile extreme cross country race)

    THANKS TO EVERYBODY AND GREAT JOB, can’t wait to see what 2011 brings us!!!

  8. Greg Nelson Says:

    My funniest WOD was when I was about 8 weeks in and finally getting my grove and I kid you not, I crushed that SOB…it was like 400m run, 3x through 10KB, 10 pass throughs, 10 Step-ups and 10 hand-release push-ups. After the last push-up I jumped up and yelled TIME and it was over! Then we moved on to stretching and the actual WOD, but at the time in my own humorous, OMG I just have to survive way…it worked! Oh the days of dominating the warm-up 😉

    One of my best days ever, 1st kick-up! And, 1st double-under streak!

    And looking back, there are 3 days that stick out…April 5 – the day I walked in and committed to 12 weeks and nothing more; July 5 when I started week 13 because the realization struck that quitting now would be foolish and August 2 when I started week 17 and realized “I am here. This is a dam good place filled with dang good people. I like it. I am better because of it.”

    I am grateful and thankful for the ~120 WODs I shared with awesome people!

  9. The most memorable was probably Karen (150 Wall Balls for time)…the 2nd time I did it. I am throwing that dang 14 lb. ball up and squating down over and over and I look around and everyone…I mean everyone is done…hmmmm…Chris comes over and says, “Ok babe, I’ll help you count out the last couple…where are you…I look him in the face and say, “I’m only at 1 f*cking hundred but I will do all 150!” needless to say he didn’t count down the last 50!

    Also we all know I can rock one named workout and that is Annie…I love it but refuse to do it again until Baby Bolge is born! MY goal is to beat Annie M. 🙂 I’m close! 🙂

    Can’t wait til May when I can hit CF hard again!!!

  10. I gotta say that the toughest I can remember was the WOD the Mary picked one monday morning. It was 100 squat cleans. I felt that one for a few days. The cut-off was either 20 or 25 minutes. To add insult to injury I believe time as called when I was on #89.

  11. OK….I have to do a retraction….my most…and I do mean MOST memorable Workout of the Day with Chris would be running from Santa Monica Pier to Bloomingdales just to see Arnold. OMG. The man was on a mission and I was not about to be left behind. (Although being left at muscle beach wouldn’t have been THAT bad…there were gymnasts!) When we finally got there, Chris headed to the action and I headed to the restroom to towel off! Ha! Oh, the memories!

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