Most Memorable Moments of 2010

Team FTS May 2010

This has been an incredible year for me as a coach.

I have witnessed a lot of different things…

*women doing CrossFit throughout 90% of their pregnancy and then getting to hold their baby

*I have been told to ‘shove it’ in just about every curse word you could imagine

*almost a hundred people do a REAL pull-up for the 1st time

*a bar has literally been thrown at me during a WOD

*I have made a someone do a WOD twice through in the same class because they didn’t do it heavy enough the 1st time through

*someone starting CF with full blown diabetes and now COMPLETELY off medication.

I met just about every kind of person with every type of goal out there. And every single person that committed themselves to us (CFSF) we committed ourselves right back to them. And you know what…this CF thing actually works!!!

We have had so many highs and lows throughout 2010 and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

You CFSF’ers are some of the most amazing people I have ever been fortunate to meet and develop this amazing friendship we have. I can’t tell you how much all you guys mean to me.

Now it’s your turn.

Remember when you…

-Signed up: How did you feel? What were your goals? Were you nervous/intimidated/frightened with your LIFE???

-What kind of battle wounds have you had? Blisters, Blood, Scars, Hands (pre CF vs. Current day)

-Who are the friends you have made through CFSF in 2010?

Post to comments and give us some memories to remember:-)

3 Responses to “Most Memorable Moments of 2010”

  1. Jackie Viet Says:

    I remember when John and I first started in March 2010. I do not remember the first work out we did, I know it included wall balls… favorite. I remember feeling like I was going to throw up as we drove home and we looked at each other and said yep we are signing up. It has been a great year since. I love each week being able to accomplish what the week before I thought was impossible.

    Thank you all for an unforgetable year! You have meant so very much to both of us.


  2. I still remember the day I did my first WOD. I kept thinking “What in the hell am I doing!”…but from day one I was hooked. I was so sore the first few weeks…walking and sitting on the toilet were a struggle. (Almost two years later there are still days like this!) 🙂
    I love so many things about Crossfit…but the people who go there are by far my favorite! My Facebook friends have tripled! I mean where else in the world can you go with your friends and swear, cry, laugh, jam out to great music, and sweat? Now if Crossfit would start to serve beer I would be set:)
    Crossfit is in the top 5 greatest things that has ever happened to me! I am indebted to you for life! Thanks for everything
    PS…..Watch out for flying bars:)
    PSS…..Never give into the burpee penalty!!!!

  3. Chelle (and Liam a/k/a Baby Bone) Says:

    My best memory is Crossfitting throughout my pregnancy with Liam and then watching Chris take care of him less than two weeks after his birth while I did my first WOD . . . with my OB as my partner! Now THAT was cool!

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