Can you handle this Club?

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In my non-CrossFit business life, I am an Internet guy (no that does not mean I can fix your PC). Tuesday night I just returned from an Intenet conference in Vegas…(no not that one, it was just ending when we showed. We (JF, Brett and I) filled 2 days/nights with a lot of trade show, some football, and “late-night networking” (code names: BlackJack, open bar, Tryst, VIP, Three 6 Mafia, Patron, Red Bull and others). All in all a great time.

Ok Greg, where is this going? I have been involved with (employed by) the Internet since late 1998. Over that time, I have developed some deep connections, yet every show the entire landscape changes. New faces…thousands of them. New companies…hundreds of them. New Energy. It’s all there. The one thing that has remained constant…”it’s a big huge club really”. If you want results (code name 2: to make money), you need connections and socialize and network – master “networker”, enter JF. I network old school with names like Adam, Howard, Clark, Karen…heck, if you saw JF’s (he works for me) list of connections, you could drop into most any party during the entire conference – he networks Facebook style – that has potential to put you in the video above.

And the “network or club” is what keeps us coming back every year; not much different then CrossFit. Today, I did the noon WOD and dang if it was not great to see the 930 ladies in there – I was missing you. I look forward to seeing these faces, the network, the “club”, heck “my club” and killing some WOD or myself with you.

Since January 1, 2011, my CrossFit club has grown far into the hundreds, thus I will hold the single shout-outs to Liza for getting me even started in this club in the first place and Chris for making it fun, keeping it real, and keeping me after it.

That said, I want you all to give direct calls to your “CrossFit Club”. Who do you count on seeing? Are you in someone else’s “Club” and had no clue – how flipping cool!

So CrossFitters – reveal your “Club”…let’s get the party started! I am hoping for at least 15 “clubs” (i.e. comments) MINIMUM!

— Greg

20 Responses to “Can you handle this Club?”

  1. MattyB "FTS" Says:

    Club Oly… these classes have become a staple and I count on them each week. Good peeps, hard work, heavy weight…. I think this is what flo rider was talking about.

    Of course Club “I dropped my t shirt” is sweet as well…shhh-medium or not, a little swagger also adds to a wod.

    • MattyB "FTS" Says:

      Oh yaa… a little under the radar is club sweatpants…. newer to the scene but tot worth it. Especially on deadlift days…. hit this and club no t shirt in the same night…you might not go back πŸ™‚

  2. Club Oly… I thoroughly enjoy working out with all the peeps in this class and look forward to any advice or guidance that they give me… and it always boost my confidence level if I can keep up with the boys! Also, Club No T-shirt shows up a lot to Oly class… and that’s just a wonderful sight. HA!

    Club Long Socks – yep, they are BA and anyone can be BA if they wear them!

  3. I second the Club OLY that MattyB mentioned.

    I also like the club of consistent rockstars that I get the privilege to coach in class…it’s truly the highlight of my day.

    It seems the club attire is changing as well…bedazzled socks and pink OLY shoes from the ladies…Rogue gear shirts and board shorts from the guys…embrace your club style while rockin’ a WOD.

    Let’s do this…


  4. I’m on a crossfit break for a bit but hoping to come back soon… want to give a shout out to the “original 5:30PM” club (you all know PM is better than AM). A big shout out to my 5:30PM peeps: RobS, KimmyG, LD, TK, Ali B, Alli, The Koch’s… miss you all!

    Have to also give a shout out toa club that I’m not a part of, can’t hang with, look up to and try to stay away from: the power-moms! That’s some amazing chica’s right there!!

  5. Young Yang Says:

    Club Oly, Club 6:30pm, Club No Shirt, Club Boardshorts!

  6. I love so many different people for such different reasons. There are the ones that shout out encouragement mid WOD when you think you can’t jump on top of that box one more time, the ones that believe more in me than I do that I CAN lift that heavy weight and if I am struggling they stand by and count the reps out with me. There are the ones that know if you are having an off day and just what you need to get through it and then the ones that I secretly stand behind during a WOD and try my hardest to keep up with (and some days I actually do!) Seriously I don’t think I have ever enjoyed working out as much as I have these past 9 months. Where were you 5 years ago!!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m all about the long socks club and the “I like to be yelled at” club.

  8. I love my peeps….Rob, TK, LD, Amy, Amy…..and Justin too:) Plus I love the yell at me and kick my a$$ club….you know who you are. What can I say..I like it like that….I am just that type of girl πŸ™‚

    PS I have to agree with TK club no shirt is great. Not looking to be a member, just an on looker:)

  9. Club FTS- No, not just MattyB, but anyone who’s walked in that door and either been told or thought to themselves “that’s not possible” and has fired back with “FTS I’m doing it!”

    Pullups, heavy lifts, grueling workouts on the hellsled (aka C2 rower), it doesn’t matter what, I get to see people fight through it and get it done about 100 times a day…I have the sweetest job in the world πŸ˜‰

  10. Definately Club 6:30am, Club 6:30pm and “like to be yelled at” club. And one that I am new to is Club Endurance.

  11. I was reminded tonight in Club OLY about a subset of the CFSF athlete…known for the color of their locks.

    -BC, FTS, MKemper, CMouw, Bolg (Irish counts), CBurg

    There are some seriously strong cats in that crew!

    2011 might be the year of the Ginger!

  12. I was and hope to rejoin the 5:30PM club soon. With that being said I also was in the please yell at me club. I must tip my hat to the coaches that would see me slacking and give me that extra push to get through the WOD. I also miss the great friends that I had made and hopefully I will see you all soon.

  13. Laura LD DeHaan Says:

    This blog and the comments were very entertaining!! I would like to say I am an equal opportunity club participant πŸ˜‰ I love monday 9:30am with the powerhouse mommas (and greg)! I just try and keep up!! Then wed. I hit the 5:30 pm class and we all know that one rocks with strong and motivating peeps. Then there is the saturday partner club… this one is full of fun and teamwork. Love it!! I am dabbling in the ewod club. With Liza as the awesome coach this one rocks as well!

  14. I am part of that 9:30 am “super mama” group, but I Love ALL the clubs!! There is just something to be said for getting together with a group of people and busting a** giving the workout everything you’ve got! You form this bond because as a group you just attacked something that seemed impossible and you were successful. Each and every person that completed that workout, no matter when he/she finished or what weight he/she lifted, went hard to get it done! I leave Crossfit everyday on a high after being with the “club”, you are all an amazing group of people to hang with:)!

  15. Chelle (and Liam a/k/a Baby Bone) Says:

    Where my 5:30AMers at?!?! I think we are the original FTS Club since way back at the old gym! We’ve seen some changes (Browny, Matty movin’ on up to trainer status), but we’re still kickin’ it! Shout out to Becky, Holly, Doc Rob, Kathy, Sarah A, Matty, and Browny, as well as the “new” 5:30AMers (Doc Paa, Michelle, Maureen, AHoff, MB, and more) and the honorary 5:30AMers (Kimmy D and Recco)! Love you all!

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