Get your learn on!

One of the greatest things about the CrossFit method to developing fitness is the fact that it teaches responsibility. Yes, the desired goal that we work toward is to get fit, but the cool thing is how much you learn along the way. The more you can learn about fitness and how to develop it, the more responsible you can be for you.

CrossFit is completely open-source, there aren’t any secrets or tricks to being successful with this stuff. If you’re willing to read/watch/listen/learn, there is literally an endless amount of information and instruction out there. For $25 a year you can subscribe to the CF Journal, which usually posts more than one video or article every day. You can also go back in the archives to search for info on anything you want.

Another great journal is The Performance Menu. Also for $25 a year, this one is a monthly journal that’s a bit more specialized toward athletic performance, but also has a ton of GREAT paleo/zone recipes.

If you want to work on flexibility, MobilityWOD is outstanding. Much of the mobility work we’ve been doing every day is from this site. KStar’s videos are a great resource and the guy is fricking hilarious.

Blogs are also a great way to learn. Pretty much everyone has their own blog these days, and if you find the right ones you can get some great information for free. KStar, Robb Wolf, John Welbourn, as well as many affiliates around the world are sharing their knowledge all for free.

I could go on for pages, but you get the point. Pretty much anything that you have questions on or have trouble with pertaining to fitness can be found. I’m going to post the links to my favorite resources and blogs. These are the places where I’ve learned a majority of what I know and teach every day. The amount that you can learn is only limited by your willingness to do so, get out there and sharpen the blade!

Question of the day: How much time in a week would you say that you spend on the internet checking out CrossFit stuff?


Robb Wolf – paleo expert
Art De Vany – paleo before paleo was cool
Dutch Lowy – solid coach, solid blog
John Welbourn – how to get STRONG
GymnaticsWOD – yah, they have those too…
More coming soon πŸ˜‰

9 Responses to “Get your learn on!”

  1. Also, post some of your favorite places to visit!

  2. I am a big food finder I love Sarah of everday paleo her site is fun to read and get new ideas for the paleo rut you may be in

    crossfit central is on of my fav’s I check out they have some amazing strong female athletes there Carey Kepler, Crystal McReynolds & Jessica Sharratt are fun ladies to watch they have their own blogs which you can link to off centrals website , Plus central does some neat things with CF and challenges.

    is another one that I just started following, she addresses some fun ideas for new moms and soon to be moms or just the plain paleo interested .

  3. Enough time that my husband thinks I have a problem and that Crossfit is a cult! πŸ™‚ One of my favorite blogs is Sage Burgener’s the link is already on SFCF site.

  4. Young Yang Says:

    I used to follow this guy a while back. He has really good tutorials on body weight strength training…

    This video helps me visualize my Oly…

    This is just for fun. Everyone loves Miranda…

  5. I tend to go in spurts with googliing CrossFit stuff. Sometimes I get on a kick with trying something new (like double-unders, snatches, etc) and I’ll read absolutely everything I can find about the best or most efficient way to do something, then I come into the box… try it a few times, forget everything, read it all again, try it again the next day, etc, etc, etc until I finally have the process nailed down. But I’ve definitely learned that just reading about something doesn’t always work for me… usually I just need to get my butt into the box and practice practice practice.

  6. hey Case – how bout Rippentoe???

  7. Coach Rip is awesome. He’s very knowledgeable and probably one of the most unintentionally funny people ever. “You could use a leg press machine, but that’d just be gay. You might as well squat.”

  8. Chris Mello Says:

    Great stuff Case! This guy Recco has a great motivation blog:

    Keep crushin’ it!!!

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