Elite Fitness Leads too…….

Well...we never said it was easy, but it is simple.

Well...we never said it was easy, but it is simple.

Coach Greg Glassmen was interviewed on Crossfit Journal about how becoming fit leads to many more positive things in your life.

When you start achieving goals and standards for yourself it is easily displayed through the physical domain. When you commit to a CrossFit program and show up every single day you will notice that it translates to a more positive mental and emotion state and results in more patterns of success in life.

First thing we always ask a student is, “what are your goals?” But the follow up question is even more important, “what are 3 reasons why you want to achieve that goal?” Everyone says, “lose weight” or “tone up”. But underneath all that is, “I want more self confidence”, “I want to achieve my goals for the first time”, “play with my kids”, “run a 5k”. That is where the true goals and dreams lie. When you achieve your goals you have proved to yourself that you can achieve anything life throws at you.

That is an incredible feeling. Wouldn’t you agree?


3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Situps
50 Back Extensions

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One Response to “Elite Fitness Leads too…….”

  1. I think I finished in 28:something. Still feeling it in my abs!

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