No more Ibuprofen!!!


I will admit fault on this one. I have been guilty to recommending ibuprofen to members to help with muscle soreness after a workout. Well after doing a little research I have found that is a BIG NO NO.

Ibuprofen is an NSAIDs. NSAIDs have been shown to delay and hamper the healing in all the soft tissues, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Anti-inflammatories can delay healing and delay it significantly, even in muscles with their tremendous blood supply.

Please read this blog I found by Kelly Starrett to find the truth about Ibuprofen and what to do for muscle soreness:

Today’s WOD:

400m run
3 Rounds
10 Turkish getups
15 Box jumps
25 Squats WOD:

200m Run

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