Form and Full Range of Motion

If I don't get your form, Mitch will:-)

If I don't get your form, Mitch will:-)

Form and Full ROM (range of motion) is always first. Results in strength, stamina, fat loss, etc…come the better your form is.

When you don’t use Full ROM you are cheating yourself, your workouts, and your results. Not going down all the way on your pushups (chest taps floor), or pullups (locking your elbows straight on the way down). What happens is you are shorting your ROM and limiting the use of all your potential muscles you could be working. In my opinion doing 5 Pushups (chest taps floor) is replacing 15 pushups with incorrect form. Also, think about it as working SMARTER and more efficient.

The next time you hear Annie or I barking, “Head up!” “Touch the floor!” “All the way up” you know what we are talking about. If it takes you a little longer today it and you do it properly, then you will get better and faster A LOT quicker.

There is a formula for a good strength and conditioning program.
1st – Technique first
2nd – Consistency
3rd – Ratchet up the intensity

Check out this great blog by another Great CrossFit Trainer Freddie C: Link

100 Jumpropes/25 DU’s
15 OH Squats

Seven and Seven
7 Power Cleans
7 Pushups
7 Box Jumps
7 Pullups

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  1. Armpits to legs, people!

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