New Month, New Goals, and some Encouragement


Happy September everyone!

Is it really September already?

I love starting a new month out. It means new goals: spiritually, personally, business, fitness wise.

I just wanted to pass on some encouragement to you. You are all doing a GREAT job and I wanted to let you know that you are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work. CrossFit training is simple, very simple and very HARD. You are changing your life!!!! And you are a role model for the people around you.

With that said it goal setting time…

Pick 3 things you are ready to improve, attack and get better at (personal, business, fitness). This month! Lay it on me and post to comments. When you write and show the world you will take it more serious, and we will hold you accountable too:-)

Today’s WOD: posted later as usual

10 Responses to “New Month, New Goals, and some Encouragement”

  1. Heather Fortin Says:

    Hey Chris,
    I think this if a great way to start the month! Here are my three fitness goals.
    1. Get better at pullups (decrease the resistance and learn to kip)
    2. Start running again (3 times/week)
    3. Paleo! I got off to a great start with this but have not done so well the last 2 weeks (I actually just go done eating a gigantic cookie). I felt so much better when I was eating this way and really want to make it a lifestyle for myself.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. 1. Commitment
    2. Attitude
    3. Full potential

  3. john smolzinskyichson Says:

    1) up the intensity
    2) up the intensity
    3) up the IN…TEN….SITY!!!!

  4. Goals……
    1. Push myself at EVERY work out
    2. Stick with the Paleo…..EAT RIGHT and SEE RESULTS
    3. Gain strength with weights and bands…..have the faith and willingness to TRY

  5. I have way too many goals… but now know I can blow through them. My next 3:
    1. 5K this weekend
    2. continue with weight loss
    3. pull-ups with less or no resistance

    Thanks for helping us all blow through our goals!!!

  6. Hey, Chris and Annie! Here are my 3 goals for this month.
    1. No more pop! Yesterday was my first day without it in a long time. I had a LONG day with a horrible headache, but I didn’t wake up today with the urge to drink one! I can cut out 760 calories by not drinking two bottles of Sunkist a day!!!
    2. Order the Paleo book, and get serious about it!
    3. Work up to crossfitting 5x a week by the end of the month!

  7. Liza Nelson Says:

    Chris and Annie I want you to know that you are also appreciated! It has been a really hard couple of weeks and just taking the time and fixing the workouts so that I can do them is great. I can not tell you in words how much this has meant to me! My goals for the month are:

    1. Get Healthy
    2. Keep up intensity and workouts even with my injury
    3. Keep up the Paleo and Gluten Free diet it is really a test everyday but it has been the most rewarding test ever.

    Thanks a ton for all your encouragement I am so glad that Tonna introduced me to you all. You are a blessing to have in my life!!

  8. 1. Spend time in the Word Daily
    2. Get my finances in order
    3. Do ANY pull-ups by the end of the month!

    Thanks for all you do and have done for me. I am so blessed to have such positive people in my life. God brought me through your doors not only to improve my physical health, but my emotional, spiritual, and mental health also. He presented me with the tools, and you all helped with the motivation; however, in the end, I know that I made a choice and utilized those tools He presented to better myself…

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